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A Much Needed Explanation - Why New Faerieland

by hidden_0_o


Less than six months ago I was shipped off to Mystery Island Academy for my studies and after a semester of gluing my face to Dr. Ixi's chemistry books, I can finally go out, for a very short time, and see daylight again.

Surprise, surprise! What do I spot? Is that Faerieland on the ground? I finally briefed through the events that happened over my absence - yes, I was that unaware, for if you think that getting a high score on Chemistry for Beginners is hard, doing well on exams at MIA will make the game seem like a breeze. But enough about my days there. Upon realizing what happened to Faerieland, I figured Fyora's empire should stay on the ground and here I shall make my case:

# 1 - The Energy Argument

Do you have any idea how much magic energy it takes to maintain an entire city the size of Faerieland floating midair? Well, it takes a lot of energy. Now, given that the faeries have so much in their schedule with Neopians asking for magic potions and employment that they don't even have time to find their own items, wouldn't you agree that it would be more adequate to ease their workload and give them more time and energy? Maybe if they didn't have so much on their plate they could have protected themselves against a certain Speckled Xweetok in the first place. Also, because of the plot events, the Faeries are currently busy with reconstructing its buildings; it seems silly to ask them to put their efforts into keeping the castle afloat.

# 2 - The Appearance Argument

Look at Faerieland now. The city has a much more organic, nature-inspired look. With the growing trend of going "green" that is spurring around Neopia with the popularity of the Habitarium and the Neoplants which, mark my words, will come to our planet soon, it makes plenty of sense that the faeries would not want to be left out. Aesthetically, the green and purple provide a pleasing color balance that is more soothing to the eye than the classic overly pink and overly purple color scheme of the floating castle. Furthermore, being one of the oldest lands in Neopia has made the sky-born look for Faerieland look outdated. Aged and newer members of the Neopets community have been aching for a change, and when that change is so spiffily made, I see no reasons for not just sticking with it.

# 3 – The Safety Argument

Faerieland is without a doubt one of the most popular and visited lands in Neopia, home to rewarding quests and coveted battle weapons. The hustle and bustle of Fyora’s empire is much safer with the castle on the ground considering how many flightless visitors find themselves atop the once-cloudy Faerieland. Today, these Neopets no longer have to worry about a misstep and the consequent plummet down thousands of feet into the ice cold ocean below. With the castle on the ground, the land is more “democratic” and safer to non-winged, non-Faerie pets, an image Fyora should preserve if she wants to dispel the accusations of being a “winged tyrant.”

# 4 – The Proximity Argument

Before Faerieland clashed, the castle used to sit in a remote area of the map; now, Fyora and her faeries are much closer to the main kingdoms in Neopia: Brightvale and Meridell. Fyora is now located much closer to other important head of states (King Skarl and King Hagan). The proximity between Faerieland and Brightvale should also represent the strengthening of diplomatic ties among the two lands due to the indispensable participation of Brynn in undoing Xandra’s spell. Furthermore, with Haunted Woods closer to Faerieland, the faeries are now better able to respond to any emergency situations in which shadowy beasts would emerge once again to torment Neopia.

# 5 – The Xandra Argument

Poor little Xandra; after all this effort and so many pairs of glasses lost or blown away in battles, does she really have to walk (never mind that she’s petrified and probably isn’t walking) away from the plot events without anything? We should be kind and give Xandra a reason to smile and pat herself in the back... After studying magic, going through all the trouble to obtain the artifact and deceive the heroes, Xandra’s villainy should create more than some temporary consequences. Faerieland on the ground would serve as a testament of both the Speckled Xweetok’s powerful witchery and the faeries’ ability to respond quickly to crises such as this one.

# 6 – The Plotters Argument

Let it be noted that plotters are strange creatures. Well, it’s not very fair to characterize all plotters in this manner, but there is, how do I say it, a significant number of them who are rather, eh, peculiar. And let’s say that these peculiar individuals employ two key weapons in their arsenal: complain and compare. Comparing the Faeries’ Ruin to the last plots, they will quickly spot what was new and what was missing and to end a plot without a newly discovered land, or not even a little change in the map of Neopia, would quickly cause a knee-jerk reaction that activates the complain function. “Oh my, TNT, but we even got Moltara from Atlas of the Ancient!” Before you know it, the boards will be full complainers roaming and yelling at the top of their lungs for changes to be made... Let’s be fair, the plotter deserve new Faerieland after all those hours of containing unstable cores, deciphering puzzles, and blasting shadow wraiths and tormentors.

# 7 – The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity Argument

There is a little plushie in Faerieland that not many have taken note of, despite its generous granting. Before Faerieland clashed, TDMBGPoP used to lie lonely in a cloud, isolated from all visitors... No wonder why he was so sad. In the newer version of Fyora’s empire, the plushie now resides, or rather hangs, in the middle of the map, where passersby can easily spot him and pay him a visit. Maybe now the little guy will cheer up a bit. Who knows?

So here I have presented my case and, hopefully, given enough arguments to support it. You may not agree with me, but I hope I have persuaded you (or at least made you more inclined to accept) that the new look is more pleasing and good change for the Faeries, the plotters, and our favorite plushie in the whole wide Neopia.

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