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Could we put a little R.I.P on Nox's Gallery of Evil page? It would be respectful to his minions... sleep well, dear Hubrid. ~mukumatara
*bows head in silence* Yes, that would be a fitting tribute.

Hey, TNT. Do you accept collaborations between two or more users in the Art Gallery? Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
Sorry, we do not. There's no way to communicate along with your entry that you worked with another player to produce the art. We only see your username and the submitted art.

I return to Neopets after two years (Hoorah!) and Faerieland is in a crater, looking like it got redecorated by Jhudora! What... happened?!? ~paniccreature
Perhaps you should just start here.

*claps for Sweets* I was recently creating a Gallery in honor of a Neopet and found -- to my horror -- that there were exactly ZERO MARAQUAN CYBUNNY SHOPKEEPERS!!! Could you please fix this before my Cybunny friends throw all 99 unique Neopoint items with the word carrot in their name at you? ~lauracat6
D: That cannot be! We fear it is true, though. We shall rectify this situation as soon as we can.

Why doesn't the checkered Elephante have a hat? D: ~kougra__master
They got so excited when they were released that they threw their hats up in the air in glee. We're, uhh... still waiting for them to come down. Hopefully it won't be too much longer now. *looks up and waits* Apparently the grey Elephantes are still waiting for theirs to land as well. Neopia sure has some weird gravity!

HI, TNT! *throws turnips at you* Err, it's themed, so you don't get cookies thrown at you today! So, I saw a trophy for the "Tower of Turnips" on someone's User Lookup and was curious. What is it, and why can't we play it in the Game Graveyard? ~shaneli100
That game went a bit bonkers and had some serious glitching, so it was removed from the site. Also, it wasn't a Flash game, which is why it doesn't appear in the Game Graveyard. Good news, though! Since it was a mildly entertaining game (at least by the standards of local Meridellians), we're going to attempt to fix the coding and re-release the game in the upcoming months. Hooray!

Yay! Turnips!

Hello, all-powerful TNT! I love finding the nerd references hidden within Neopets. For example, in the Space Station, the loudspeaker likes to boom "McCoy to the Sickbay!" and the Desert Usul has blue eyes (no stillsuit, though :P). High five for ultra-dorky coolness! ~msfeli
/highfive Man, now we're kicking ourselves for not scheduling a "dark bodysuit" for Usul Day. Curses! Maybe next year. *writes it down on the TO-DO LIST OF INFINITE DOOM*

Good day, TNT. Here is a striped melon; do with it what you will. I was wondering about Neotitles on the boards. Some people have titles like "Team Diamond" or "Queen of Customisation." Is there an accomplishment you have to complete to get one of these? ~valkyrieshadows
There are some Neotitles that you can't get until you have been on the site for a longer period of time. Other than that, there are no accomplishments that you have to complete to get these.

I have to know, TNT: what special day was March 3rd before it was canceled due to lack of interest? I'm losing sleep over this. ~everlasting_dream
According to the angry letters we get each year, it was apparently the birthday of everyone who was born on March 3rd. D:

Hi, TNT! I was on a board when someone said that they'd left a weight on their Refresh button all night so they could try to create a Neopet. I, along with a few other people, linked them to an Editorial that said this was against the rules, but someone else said that Editorials are out of date and, therefore, not to be used as reference. So, um... is placing a weight on your keyboard's F5 button still considered cheating, and should we be abiding by any of the rules that the Editorial clarifies? Thanks! ~shade_the_great
Placing a weight on your F5 button is considered cheating, which is a freezable offence. Also, please consider what's in the Editorial as a clarification of the rules, until such a time as the site's Terms and Conditions or a newer Editorial updates information to trump that rule. For example, if we said in Editorial #188 that the word "cheese" is no longer allowed on the Neoboards, that rule would last until we reconsider and say it's now okay in Editorial #734.

I noticed on the Pet Central page that Neopets is on the way to reaching a trillion page views. First off, congrats! Second, will there be anything happening to celebrate the occasion? Thanks! ~colluseum
We keep getting this question at the Editorial, so we figured we'd finally post it. We're quite excited, but... uhh, please do realise that it will take some time to finish off the last of the 29 billion page views required to hit that amazing number. XD We think we have quite some time to plan the party, still. :)

Excuse me, TNT. What's the name of the shopkeeper who works at Brightvale Books? If you don't already have a name, can you name her Natalie? Please and thank you! (Weren't those nice manners?) ~natverdi
Yes, those were very nice manners! We'll make a mental note to call her Natalie from now on. :) Even mr.coconut will start calling her by her new name. Isn't that right, mr.coconut?


Nono, mr.coconut. Natalie.

Good... night?


Goo-d ni-ght.

Good night, mr.coconut.


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