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Vonde and the Mutant Yooyu Conspiracy: Part Four

by hellehond


Vonde stared at Kargemor. The Yooyu's face was twisted by hatred and insanity and he was staring at the trio with an infuriatingly smug smile.

     “I should be thanking you, Vonderbi. You have led my enemies to me. Now you shall be eliminated together. Isn't that what your pathetic Resistance stands for? Guards!"

     And this was when the first blow was dealt to the Conspiracy. No matter how hard the guards of the cell tried to move, it seemed as if some invisible force was keeping them put. The nearby Mutants started to become nervous as they approached the intruders without the expected backup. It caused them not to rush the trio head on, and that was why a second blow could be dealt.

     As Vonde had been told by Maxen and Flare while planning, Mutant Yooyus are pretty resilient. But, as Flare had proudly said, even they can't stand the heat when a Fire Yooyu unleashes his full potential.

     The moment the Mutant Yooyus started to come for them, Vonde had reacted.

     "Now, Clicks!"

     Two glowing Clockwork Yooyu-eyes disappeared beneath a flooring plate, off to give their exact location to a certain Fire Yooyu. This was why Clicks was perfect for the job, he could calculate exact coordinates immediately and flawlessly, and he could run to recheck for new information for as long as his clockwork key would keep going.

     So it was just a matter of seconds after Vonde had given the signal that it happened.

     The Mutants that were almost ready to grab them cried out in surprise and pain and soon the Yooyus behind them did the same. Kargemor's mouth opened in an astonished gape as his entire rescue party screamed in pain and worry. When he looked downwards, he saw why. The metal plates the Yooyus were standing on had become a glowing red of nearly melted steel as if a terrible fire was burning underneath.

     "Get off of those red plates!" he screamed at the Mutant army. "Go around and attack from the northern side!"

     The Yooyus regrouped and followed their leader's command. They rushed the northern side, fury and rage clear in their battle cries.

     Vonde could almost touch them when once again the horde came to a sudden stop and started making pained exclamations.

     "That Clockwork Yooyu is worth his weight in neopoints and then some!' He grinned and mentally made a memo to let Clicks know how awesome he and Flare had been after this was all over.

     Kargemor was completely stupefied. What kind of magic were these traitors using that they could make his entire guard unable to intervene? And how had they gotten this far into the camp?

     His rage was burning like a wildfire inside him as he stared at the red-hot flooring plates... and he noticed a pair of Clockwork Yooyu-eyes disappear underneath a plate nearby.

     So the plate was loose. An escape route!

     Vonde, Maxen and Ivor were still looking at the Mutant horde which was kept at bay when it happened.

     Kargemor ploughed into Maxen and catapulted him towards Vonde who was hit full in the stomach. And since Maxen was a Mutant Yooyu, that hurt!

     While they were lying on the floor, Kargemor made a dash for the loose plate.

     He would let his army use this new route and the Resistance would finally be eliminated. He, Kargemor, would be the new ruler of Neopia! There was nothing these pathetic Yooyus would be able to do about it!

     But one of these 'pathetic Yooyus' didn't agree with that assessment.

     As soon as Vonde and Maxen went down, Ivor came into action.

     Ice crystals started to form in the air and the temperature around Kargemor dropped dramatically.

     "You shouldn't have done that to my friends."

     The voice was colder than the wind at the top of Terror Mountain and send a barrage of shivers down Kargemor's spine. He couldn't move anymore, his feet frozen to the ground and his muscles felt extremely sluggish because of the intense cold that had invaded his entire body.

     Curse the day an Ice Yooyu decided to join the resistance!

     Vonde and Maxen stared at Ivor in awe.

     "That was awesome!" Vonde was the first to break out of the stupor and walked towards the evil Yooyu.

     "Now tell us, where is the copy of the plan?"

     Kargemor hissed at him in fury, but couldn't do anything else. His limbs just wouldn't obey. He gave Vonde a hateful glare.

     "You should be helping instead of trying to stop us."

     His attention turned to Ivor.

     "And so should you. With your powers, you would be extremely valuable."

     Vonde frowned but it was Ivor who spoke up.

     "What are you talking about? From the moment you started creating this plan of yours, you wouldn't have Mutants to have anything to do with the other Yooyus. You're trying to establish Mutant rule over Neopia. It doesn't have anything to do with Yooyus in general!"

     Maxen and Vonde nodded in agreement, but Kargemor shook his head and gave them a pitying look.

     "What we're doing," he started solemnly, "is for the good of all Yooyus. I will explain the plan to you. The entire plan! Then you will understand.

     "You see, for far too long we have been taken for granted. We are the mere 'ball' in their games. You know to whom I refer. The Neopians. Not just the players of the different teams, but also the fans, everybody. You score a goal and who is being cheered? The players! And when they can't score with us, who gets the blame? Us! We want to get our share of all those profits that are made for an event where we are the key-stars. We intent to put them in their place and become the masters by using their addiction against them. And how exactly?

     "We observe their players closely so we can disguise some of our fellows. We will then kidnap someone from every team and replace them by one of our own. We have already started making it almost impossible for the teams to score with one of us. Only Mutants can choose how to react on a throw, so only Mutants can be part of this. Once a player is replaced, he or she will be able to score well with Mutant Yooyus, thus making them more valuable. We shall then receive the income of a top-player for each of them.

     "Next will be to create unique costumes and replace all the teams in the AC. Then we will be able to control who'll win the cup! We will rule over the AC and all of Neopia will be at our mercy! Yooyus will rule all!"

     Kargemor laughed and looked at the other Yooyus while being applauded by his Mutant army.

     "Now join us, brothers!"

     Vonde felt physically sick.

     "You monster!"

     The clapping stopped and all Yooyu-eyes turned to Vonde.

     "How can you even say such things? Yooyus not being respected? Money being so important? The entire AC is about the combined force of player and Yooyu. Everybody knows it wouldn't amount to anything without you. And how can you try to control the outcome? Already people are saying the cup is rigged when their favourites don't end up as the winners. That is not the Altador Cup-spirit! It's about fair play, making new friends and above all, about having fun! And you've forgotten all about that, haven't you? Making this a job for a Yooyu instead of a game. What fun is there to be had if you tell them what team should win and with how many goals? If you want to take over the world, just say so instead of spouting lies about how this is for the good of all Yooyus, because it's not!"

     Everything was silent. The Yooyus of the Mutant army looked unsure at each other. Ivor's mouth was open in a gasp of surprise and admiration and even Kargemor looked like a fish out of water for a second before he pulled himself together.

     "And how would you know what those Neopians think, Vonderbi?" he smiled. "You are just stuck in this perfect illusion. You have no idea..."

     "Because he is the real Vonde Cayle, left forward of team Lost Desert!"

     Whispers and outcries of surprise could be heard from all around as Maxen stepped in between Vonde and Kargemor.

     "Maxen," Vonde whispered. "How did you know?"

     "I was sure of it when I crashed into you when Kargemor tried to escape, nothing Mutant or Yooyu about you. But I had my suspicions from the moment we met. Who else do you think was the Mutant Yooyu that changed course so it would end up in the goal when your aim was off? I like scoring."

     Maxen winked.

     Vonde was momentarily flabbergasted.

     "He IS the real Vonde Cayle," Maxen continued, "and what he just told you is the opinion of many Neopians. You have all been lied to by Kargemor. But it is not too late. This can still be put to right, first of all by destroying the last copy of the plan. Where is it, Kargemor?"

     The evil Yooyu's eyes burned more than Flare's flames.

     "And why should I tell you? I will never help a traitor such as you!" Kargemor spat. "You will never get the plan, this is where your resistance fails!"

     "You mean the copy you put in the safety deposit box installed in the floor, boss?" the voice of Ghystern could be heard from among the masses.

     Kargemor's eyes became so wide that Vonde feared they might fall out of their sockets and he had to stop himself from laughing.

     'Ghystern. I hereby forgive you for everything you've done before. You're great!' He said in his mind.

     Maxen was studying the floor and quickly found the small safety deposit box. Vonde came over to try and help him open it while Ivor kept Kargemor where he was.

     And there they had a problem. The safety deposit box didn't have bolts that could be loosened. The only way to open it was with a key.

     "Hey, what's that?" they heard Ivor yell.

     Alarmed they turned around and saw Kargemor grin evilly as he swallowed a small silver key.

     Maxen stared at him in disbelief while Vonde felt the urge to squeeze the evil Yooyu's throat shut so they might be able to retrieve the key. And if they weren't able to get the key, it would at least make him feel better.

     The wannabe-world-dictator started cackling madly.

     "End of the line for you! A brilliant plan such as mine does not want to be forgotten. You have failed and as soon as your secret weapon can't heat the floor any more, you shall all pay dearly for your insolence!"

     Vonde decided to ignore the mad Yooyu and focus on the task at hand.

     "Maxen, can't we just take the safety deposit box together with the floor plate?"

     Maxen shook his head.

     "No, these boxes are protected from thieves because they are too heavy. You need specialised equipment for it, which we don't have." He gulped nervously. "And Flare won't be able to keep going for much longer."

     The laughter of the evil Yooyu became louder and louder.

     "You see?! I win! There is nothing you can do!"

     Vonde had enough of the comments of the mad Yooyu and gave him a terrifying glare, while Maxen gnashed his teeth in frustration and Ivor conjured up some ice cubes which he obviously wanted to throw at Kargemor's head. But he wouldn't get the chance to do so.

     In the blink of an eye, a flooring plate slid to the side and a Clockwork Yooyu came running towards the safety deposit box while yelling:

     "Vonde, Maxen, get out of the way!"

     One look at the wildly spinning key on Clicks' back was enough for Vonde to jump to safety, but Maxen stayed put with an agonizing look on his face.

     "Clicks, don't do it!"

     The Clockwork Yooyu was almost there.

     Okay Vonde, you know jumping is one of your weaknesses, but you must give it your all right now!

     With one leap, Vonde pushed Maxen out of the way and both Wocky and Yooyu rolled over the floor as behind them the clockwork key stopped turning...


     With one great explosion, the Clockwork Yooyu was reduced to pieces and took a couple of the flooring plates, the safety deposit box and the copy of the plan with him.

     Vonde and Maxen stared at the debris the explosion had left behind while a furious roar was ringing in their ears. Kargemor seemed to have noticed what had happened to his copy.

     "We'll piece him back together," Maxen whispered hoarsely while Vonde patted him on the back.

     Suddenly Ivor appeared in front of them looking rushed and nervous.

     "No time left now, guys. We've got to retreat! Both Flare and I have nearly given all we've got and Kargemor still has some guards left who couldn't be persuaded!"

     They looked around and noticed a furious Mutant Yooyu jumping up and down in frustration while ordering the others to attack, though it seemed like more than half of them weren't sure about following those orders. Maxen grinned.

     "You mean they couldn't be persuaded YET!" He winked. "No retreat yet, Ivor, we first need to try and get our guest back home so he can continue training for the AC. Try to freeze the ground leading to the claw-controls. That way you won't be bothered by any guards. Vonde, let's get to the claw!"

     Ivor nodded and patted Vonde on the shoulder.

     "You're the real Vonde? That's so cool!" He grinned before disappearing in a cloud of ice crystals.

     And they were off, running faster than they had ever done before while ducking and weaving in between the guards that were left.

     Vonde could hear Kargemor's voice over the noise of the vault.

     "SYC them! Use the special Yooyu Clutch formation!"

     'Oh no! Not again!' Vonde thought with a sinking feeling in his stomach as the guards formed a circle around them.

     "Hot stuff, coming through!"

     That was all the warning they got before a fireball crashed into the unsuspecting guards.

     "Hey Vonde, Maxen. Did you miss me?"

     Flare stood there grinning at them from ear to ear.

     "No time for stating the obvious, we need to get to that claw!" Maxen hurried them along.

     Flare winked at Vonde and turned to the opposite direction.

     "Okay, I'll try to stop some more guards with the little energy I've got left. It was great meeting you, Vonde! See you on the field!"

     And they were off again, without guards to stop them this time, and when they arrived underneath the hatch, they saw the claw had already started its descent.

     The Wocky and the Yooyu faced each other.

     "This is it, then. I... Thank you, all of you, for wanting to do this. But how about..."

     "Don't you worry about us, Vonde." Maxen grinned. "We'll go into hiding back down in the vents. And I'll reassemble Clicks again. You go back to your team. And thank you for all your help too."

     Vonde gave him a sad smile.

     "I seem to have found some great friends, only to have to say goodbye to them too soon."

     Maxen's eyes sparkled.

     "Now don't make me cry. We'll see each other again. You'll hear from us, the famous Mutant Yooyu Resistance!"

     There was just enough time for a quick hug, and the claw had grabbed Vonde and started ascending again.

     Higher and higher he went, Maxen disappearing in the crowd below him. Even Kargemor couldn't be recognised anymore.

     And then the hatch opened and Vonde was thrown into the air, out of the vault, the hatch closing just before he fell down on top of it.

     That had hurt a bit.

     He carefully rubbed his nose and looked up... right into the face of one irritated Leera Heggle.

     "Vonde," Leera started, very calm and collected, "what were you doing in the Yooyu vault dressed as a Yooyu while you should have been here getting ready for practice?"

     Vonde tried to give his best innocent smile, but Leera huffed loudly.

     "No, don't answer that! I don't even want to know! Thanks to you we've already missed half an hour of practice. So let's get started. And no, Vonde, you don't get time to change outfits."

     Vonde needed a few seconds to take all of that in.

     "I was only gone thirty minutes? I thought it was much longer. And... Hey! Leera, that's evil!"


     A couple of days later


     Derbi Azar had just arrived at the yooyuball field when Luvea came towards her.

     "Derbi, can I talk to you for a minute? It's about Vonde."

     Curious Derbi looked at her team-mate.

     "What about Vonde?"

     "Have you also noticed him acting... strange?"

     "We're talking about Vonde here; can you be a bit more specific?"

     Luvea seemed to hesitate for a moment.

     "Well, the other day at training he was giving me this strange look... And then he pulled my tail!"

     Derbi stared at Luvea for a moment.

     "He did the same to me! I threw a Yooyu at his head for that."

     "The same happened to me," Leera suddenly interrupted. "Only he didn't pull my tail."

     His eyes turned ominous.

     "He should have known not to mess with my nostrils."

     The others stared at Leera.

     "Hey, Lamelle!" Derbi tried to change the focus of the conversation away from their angry captain.

     "Did you notice anything?"

     Lamelle turned towards the rest of the group.

     "About Vonde? He's been awfully nice to me as of late. He did give me a strange look a few days ago, but then walked away muttering something about Mutant Yooyus having legs."

     Nobody understood why Derbi suddenly burst out laughing.


     Vonde looked at the yooyuball field maintenance Yurble.

     "You're sure about it?"

     "Yes, this hatch here is connected to the venting system below the vault. But why do you want to know?"

     "No reason," Vonde answered as he took a book out of his pack.

     The Yurble leaned over to catch a glimpse of the title.

     How to rebuild a Clockwork Yooyu for Dummies.

     Vonde opened the hatch and threw the book in.

     "Seems like an awful waste of neopoints if you ask me. How is anybody going to be able to read it now?"

     "Don't worry about that. It'll fall in the right hands," Vonde answered and walked away from the stupified Yurble with a knowing smile on his face.

The End

What you should have learned from this story:

  • Mutant Yooyus are plotting to take over Neopia.
  • Not all Mutant Yooyus are evil, but those that are run the place.
  • Mutant Yooyus have legs!
  • Every player from every team can potentially be a Mutant Yooyu and you should test them (pulling the tail should be good) to see which ones are.
  • Only Kikos could never be Mutant Yooyus as they have no legs and no space for legs should they be made into a costume.
  • Never mess with Leera's nostrils. Ever!
  • Really, believe me. Don't!
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