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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Being told your whole life so far has been a waste is a shocking blow, and anyone who this has happened to them is entitled to a long nap and a hot cup of cocoa.

Obtaining the Invite

Oh, don't look so discouraged. It's not that great, really, with the chocolate swimming pool and the carved candy replicas and the sweet new delicacies... Tell you what. How about I give you some advice? You know, to improve your chances of getting an invite? Now I won't make any promises of course, but I do know that the owner of the chocolate factory likes to invite chocolate fanatics. I'm not talking about people who like chocolate; I'm talking about people who LOVE chocolate...

An Ode To Chocolate

The word chocolate brings up images of mouthwatering delicacies being placed in silver plates on the Chocolate Factory. As it's always coming out in truckloads, one can only imagine who is behind the scenes of this organization. The chocolate's fragrant aroma is hypnotizing to Neopians everywhere, thus making the Chocolate Factory one of the most appealing stores in Neopia. People come from all over Neopia to buy some of the finest chocolates at the factory. Whether you are buying to eat, resell, or...

Neopia's Food Stores: Rated!

For years, finding munchies for our pets has been a perilous task. One of your pets may be vegetarian, while the others love meat. One might prefer salty and the other sweet. How are you to know what they'll like, and what they'll hate? And how is it possible to do all of that within your budget? Fear not! Neopia's greatest chefs and food critics have assembled to take on the ultimate task: tasting the food of and rating every single food store in Neopia...

Other Stories
"Individuality" by maltese51191
Julia lay on her bed and stared at the sky, which had turned a deep blue. The room was dimly lit and her bed was mussed up from an earlier nap. She heard her siblings making dinner, and then footsteps on the staircase. Someone knocked on her door, and she buried her head in the pillow. "Don't..."

"Milk and Cookie Visit the Healing Springs" by vendince
In a cosy cottage by the sea in the land of Meridell lived Milk and Cookie. Milk was a white Xweetok and Cookie was a chocolate Cybunny. They were different colours and species, but they were the best of friends. Every day Milk would walk down to their boathouse, where their small boat...

"Sylfio's Ice Cream Sodas" by emrozi
"I have an idea," said Tinost. "Why don't we go take a look around the Chocolate Factory? Sometimes they do tours." Sometimes they do tours. Have you ever had that happen to you? Where someone says a tiny little insignificant sentence, and the next thing you know your entire life has changed?

Sweeter Than Revenge

This week's issue is brought to you by: The Chocolate Factory
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Neopia's greatest chefs and food critics have assembled to take on the ultimate task: tasting the food of and rating every single food store in Neopia.

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