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Vonde and the Mutant Yooyu Conspiracy: Part Three

by hellehond


"Okay, let's make ourselves comfortable while planning. And you can't plan on an empty stomach! Clicks, why don't you go see if you can find us some snacks?"

     With Clicks diverted, the rest sat down on some of the cushions that were placed in a circle and enthusiastically started coming up with ideas in a most impressive brainstorm.

     "We go in, knock them down, and take the plan!"

     "We threaten to kidnap Ghystern if they don't give us the plan."

     "We threaten not to kidnap Ghystern if they don't give us the plan!"

     "We kidnap Ghystern, then threaten to release him if they don't give us the plan."

     "We'll use the dirty socks of Layton Vickles to submit them to our will."

     "He is a Hissi, you idiot! He doesn't wear socks!"

     "Maybe one big one during winter?"

     Vonde had remained silent all this time.

     "Hey Vonderbi, what do you think we should do?" Ivor asked curiously.

     "I'm still thinking. I want it to be as perfect as possible before I tell you."

     The others returned to plotting, except for Flare, who was still looking at Vonde.

     "If you're uncomfortable in that costume, you can take it off, Vonderbi. It kind of gives you away with the Mutants anyway."

     Vonde gulped. He had to come up with a plausible reason to keep wearing this 'Vonde Costume' fast.

     "I used super glue to make it but was already wearing it when applying the glue. So now I'm stuck and I can't remove it."

     Flare made some impressive flames appear.

     "I can burn it away if you want me to."

     Vonde's apologetic smile started to waver and become more of a scared grimace.

     "Are you serious?"

     "What? Mutant Yooyus like you have a very tough outer-skin. You won't feel a thing."

     If this were to continue, Vonde feared he would end up as a pile of cinders. A very handsome pile of cinders, mind you. But still...

     "Don't you get it, Flare?" Maxen suddenly jumped in. "He's acting as the missing link. We already represent the bond of friendship between Yooyus. Vonderbi shows the bond we have with the players of the AC. It's symbolic!"

     "Oh, right. That's some deep thinking, Vonderbi," Flare said in awe. But Vonde wasn't paying attention. An idea had suddenly struck him.

     "Can any of you tell me if those guards are still forming that cell?"

     The others stared at Vonde, then at each other.

     "Of course! The guards are still there! We could..."

     "Throw a net over them!"

     "Idiot, we can't do that or we would have to go through Kargemor's camp to get there."

     "Then we should go back inside the cell and tie them together."

     "That would take too long. And we don't have enough rope."

     "Then what would you do?"

     "I don't know. But not follow your plan for sure."

     Vonde grinned.

     "I think I know a plan."

     The others turned towards him again.

     "The question is, do you have enough super glue?"

     Ivor frowned.

     "Enough to glue all of us and everything here to the ceiling. Why?"

     "You said yourself that Mutants have tough skin, so they wouldn't feel it if we were to glue them together while inside the 'prison' so we won't be seen. Then we can use the element of surprise when entering the camp and the majority of the guards won't be able to interfere without them knowing!"

     A sparkle of excitement appeared in the eyes that were trained on Vonde and he proudly continued.

     "And that's not all. I have a plan that involves all of us. Only together, we will be able to pull this off. Are you ready for this?"

     "We are ready!" a metallic voice boomed. Clicks was standing there with a plate of biscuits in his hands. Maxen quickly checked his clockwork key, but it appeared Clicks was perfectly calm. Flare didn't seem to know what to think and cast some worried looks at the others. To Vonde's surprise it was Ivor who broke the shocked silence.

     "Well, if Clicks is going to be part of this plan, so am I. I'm not letting a robot best me in courage." And he gave Clicks an encouraging smile.

     "And I'm not letting an Ice-monster like Ivor outshine me. I'm in too!"

     Flare received a harsh glare for that.

     "Well, if any of you think I'm not joining, I'm going to glue you to the Mutant cell. I'm in as well!"

     They all felt on the verge of an incredibly important moment in history.

     "Now then, fellow friends," Vonde said solemnly, "let's start mission impossible!"

     They went through the venting system again, though this time Vonde knew which route they had to take. The others had given him a map so they could plan more efficiently, and now here they were. Ivor was carrying a big box filled with little bottles of super glue. This was the first step. After they had completed it, they would have to split up into groups. Adrenaline was roaring through Vonde's veins. Like the anticipation before a yooyuball-match. Vonde thrived on it. He loved how it made goosebumps appear on the skin and how it made the muscles flex, the body's way of letting you know it was ready for anything the world might throw at it. Gone was any form of doubt. They would do this, and whether it turned out good or bad, he would give it his all. He glanced at the others and saw the determination on their faces, plain for the world to see. Every one of them would give it their all.

     Soon they arrived at the already loose plate, and one by one, they entered the cell. Ivor opened the box.

     "All right, troops." Maxen grinned with a feral glint in his eyes. "Arm yourselves."

     They all took a handful of little bottles and opened the first one. Not a word was spoken, just a look they gave each other, and as one man they started to glue the Mutant Yooyu cage together. The box quickly became emptier and emptier and soon enough they had finished.

     Vonde and the Yooyus all took a step back to admire their work. Flare giggled.

     "It doesn't matter if our plan succeeds or not. Just for this it's going to be worthwhile and Yooyus will be telling stories of this for years to come."

     Maxen and Vonde started laughing as well. Clicks' key turned a bit faster and even Ivor had a big smile on his face.

     "Okay, Mutant Resistance, or Yooyu Alliance. Time to start the next step. Flare, remember to wait for the signal, all right? Maxen, Ivor. You're coming with me after Clicks opens another panel. Remember, Clicks, you're the one guiding Flare to the key-places. He needs you to be calm and precise."

     The Clockwork Yooyu nodded seriously. "Don't worry about me. I won't let the plan fail."

     "I know we can count on you. Now let's go!"

     The Yooyus quickly moved through the vents, Flare taking a different one at the next crossing. Soon enough they stopped again and Clicks started to unscrew the plate above him. Once the bolts were loose, he made way for Vonde, Maxen and Ivor. Vonde and Maxen each took a side of the plate and carefully started to lift it upwards.

     "And where exactly are we now?" Ivor hissed impatiently. The other two quickly put their free hand on his mouth to silence him, then took him by an arm each and pulled him in between them so he could see. Ivor's eyes grew impossibly large.

     Lying asleep right in front of their noses was Kargemor.

     Luckily Ivor was too shocked to scream, because after seeing the look on his face, the other two were sure that that was what he would have liked to do. Maxen gave his friend's shoulder a comforting squeeze. They all knew what to do. Stick to the plan!

     Maxen was the first to climb out of the vent, making sure he didn't wake the evil Yooyu in front of him. After looking around he motioned for the others to come up as well.

     Vonde quickly observed the surroundings as well. The remaining guards were patrolling around the camp and weren't looking at what happened inside. They didn't know about the vents under their feet.

     Vonde grinned. He felt truly alive with all the adrenaline and excitement. He felt like he could move mountains, never mind some Mutant Yooyus. On his signal they rolled Kargemor, who was lying on his belly with his arms tucked underneath himself, around and started to peel the yellow post-its from his arms. They could read them when they were somewhere safe. Maxen had told him most Yooyus had a terrible memory, and if they were to steal the plan, it would take a very long time for the council to remember and put it into writing again. But they would also need to find the copy of the plan. The copy Kargemor had made. But where could it be? He couldn't see any cupboards or chests. No tables or notice boards.

     "Ivor, Maxen," Vonde whispered. "Where could they have hidden their copy?"

     The others looked around agitatedly.

     "Maybe they decided they didn't need a copy and threw it out?" Maxen speculated.

     Ivor positively growled worse than a Halloween Lupe.

     "You stupid Yooyu! Why would they? If you don't have anything useful to say, then don't say anything at all!"

     A Yooyu-hand and a Wocky-paw quickly covered Ivor's mouth to shut him up. But it was already too late.

     Kargemor stirred and opened his red eyes which, after noticing the trio next to him, widened with surprise and rage. Vonde later thought they should have kept one of the bottles of super glue to stick Kargemor's lips together. But sadly, they hadn't and the results were immediate.

     "Help! Alarm! Intruders are here! It's that blasted Vonderbi and the traitor Maxen with his friends! Seize them! Don't let them get to the plan!"

     And in a matter of seconds, the entire Mutant Yooyu camp was wide awake and on high alert, ready to come to the aid of their leader.

To be continued...

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