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Week - 458

Vonde and the Mutant Yooyu Conspiracy: Part One
by hellehond
Description: At first, nobody noticed... except for Vonde Cayle, since he was the one who had to score with the cursed things. He was sure of it, the Mutant Yooyus were up to something.

Week - 459

Vonde and the Mutant Yooyu Conspiracy: Part Two
by hellehond
Description: 'I've never seen a bottomless pit before. I wonder how they know a pit is bottomless. Do they send somebody down and wait until they have no more rope to say it has no bottom? Or do they throw something in it and wait for echoes?'

Week - 460

Vonde and the Mutant Yooyu Conspiracy: Part Three
by hellehond
Description: "I'm still thinking. I want it to be as perfect as possible before I tell you."

Week - 461

Vonde and the Mutant Yooyu Conspiracy: Part Four
by hellehond
Description: Vonde stared at Kargemor. The Yooyu's face was twisted by hatred and insanity and he was staring at the trio with an infuriatingly smug smile.

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