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Hello there, TNT! I was wondering... I know you said that the comics sent in to The Neopian Times should be funny, but I have seen comics before that came in many parts and were basically just stories (meaning they had no funny jokes or gags like most comics need to have). They were basically just... well, almost like plot comics. Therefore, I was wondering if we would be allowed to do this, because I would love to tell stories in comic form in The Neopian Times, even if they aren't funny. So, would this be allowed, or will there someday be a place to send in comics that have no pun in them and are just to tell stories with fun pictures and colors, etc.? Please let me know... oh, and please remove my username. :) Thank you a bundle! ~username removed
NT comics really should generally focus on humour; occasionally, though, we will make exceptions for amazing work. Also, please remember that if you have several comics that form a story arc, they must be submitted all at once so we don't have half-finished stories floating around Neopia. Someday there may be a place to submit comic series, but today is not that day. Today is Friday, though (somewhere, at least), so it's not all bad, eh?

Hi, TNT! *throws cotton candy about merrily* I was wondering: what is going to happen to all the lovely unconverted Neopets on inactive accounts? Will they all be deleted / purged, or will they be released back into the Pound like Pound Release? I would hate to see some of the great Neopets like [Petname] the unconverted plushie Blumaroo disappear forever. :( ~neolover_200029
Sorry, purged Neopets will no longer exist until they are recreated by a new, loving owner. We know a lot of people are enthralled by and covet unconverted Neopets, but there are plenty of Neopets in existence and waiting to be created that are just as special.

How do you access the Petpet Lab Ray? I have all the pieces and other people have done it, but I really just want to know, or else all those Neopoints would have gone to waste!~yolky206
You need to collect all the original Lab Ray pieces that give you access to the Neopet Secret Lab Ray before you can turn in the pieces that lead to the Petpet Lab Ray.

Dear TNT,
*gives you Meepit* I was looking in my Safety Deposit Box and, on the dropdown list, one of the choices was "Utility Fish." Could you please tell me what that means? Please remove my username. P.S.: If you don't answer, that Meepit I gave you... well, let's just say...*meep*. ~username removed

Eep! ._. No need for threats! We'll tell you what you want to know! D: Utility fish are a very old type of site item that was retired many, many years ago. It's... hard to explain them, so we'll just post some pictures of them below.

You can see why words fail us...

On the Avatar Chat, there was a competition between two users to see which of them could be sent & reject the most items with the greatest worth. Now there are people copying the general idea and asking for others to send them expensive items to screenie & reject. They hope that the "trust screenies" will prove to lenders that they aren't scammers. Is this allowed? It really seems to open the way for a lot of potential scamming. (please remove my username) ~username removed
*headdesk* No. Nonononono. Please do not send anyone any items for no reason other than to "prove" they're trustworthy. It's a very poor idea that is just going to cause a lot of people to lose a lot of items. Someone might be honest and send back those three 5,000,000 NP items, but what if they run off with the one that costs fifty million? By offering trust screenies, you're just enabling people to rip off others in an even bigger way. We do NOT condone this, and will not be returning items lost in this fashion. In fact, we will more than likely start warning people who participate in such activities.

Hey, TNT! *throws random food items* I'm kind of upset and confused. I tried to morph my Skeith, but was told that she ate the morphing potion! It wasn't exactly cheap, so I'm wondering if it was a program glitch or a mistake on my part. I want to know so that, when I get enough Neopoints to buy a new potion, she doesn’t eat it again... thanks. ~sonargurl
Whoops! That's one of the challenging aspects of owning a Grarrl or Skeith. They'll eat just about anything. If you care for one of these voracious Neopets, we suggest you use great caution when allowing them to interact with items.

TNT, indulge my curiosity -- even without a coconut comment or cookies. There are a few people on one of the chat boards who constantly spam (often in a profane or suggestive manner), yet use side accounts to protect their main accounts. If you know the person's main, is it worth pointing out in a report? Please leave my name out, if that's okay. ~username removed
Yes, feel free to do so, especially if it is an ongoing problem. As a general notice, if you repeatedly misbehave on side accounts, don't be surprised if you find your main account suspended or frozen, too. YOU are responsible for your behaviour, no matter which account you are on.

Hey, TNT. I was just wondering why the Secret Laboratory Map Pieces have rarities of 99 if you can't restock them? I thought anything r99 and below was restockable, and that all non-restockable items are r101 - r180 (retired). Why is this? Thanks. ~mikh26
There are some odd items that are under rarity 101 yet do not stock because they have no shop associated to stock them. For example, both Petpetpets and Lab Ray Map Pieces are r99, but there is no Petpetpet shop or map shop. If the shops existed they would restock there, but they don't exist, so they don't. Why they aren't just r101, well, no one is sure, except whomever gave them that rarity. Please just consider them an oddity.

Hi, TNT. I have a tiny favor to ask you. The Pink Skeith Plushie was released on January 31st, 2003. You can't actually search for it, however, in any of the search windows (Search Bar, Trading Post, Auction Genie, Shop Wizard...). Can you fix this little glitch please? ~shadowman2004
Fixed! Also, thanks to other reports like yours, Full Acara Armour, Fire Flail, and Cloak of Night are now restocking! If you know of other items that have been announced in the news, but have never seemed to appear in Neopia, please let the Editorial know by contacting us with the subject "Unreleased item" and include the date it was announced in New Features, along with the name or description of the item.

I really like the Usukicon Y11 Messenger Bag. Is there any chance something like this will be available for us to purchase? I would love a Neopets messenger bag for work or class. Also, I wish the virtual one was wearable. Thanks. ~cecilcurtiss
Sorry, but we think the only real life Neopets-themed messenger bag ever made was a staff-only Christmas gift several years back. Such staff-only gifts occasionally pop up on eBay, but you shouldn't hold your breath. While we don't have any intention of going back and making the Y11 Usukicon one wearable, we may make an NP wearable messenger bag in the future. :)

Hiya, TNT! *throws Meepit-shaped cookies* My friends and I were talking the other day. I have come up with a completely new color that they think would look good on Neopets of all shapes and sizes. They said, however, that you all would most likely hate it. I was wondering: if someone did come up with a new color, would we be able to tell / show you, or would you rather we didn't? Thanks so much! :D Lastly, could you remove my username? Thankies! ~username removed
The reason we try to discourage art of Neopet colours that don't exist is, basically, because it's a lose-lose situation for us. Whether or not we see it, if we come up with something similar, then there is a risk we will be called copycats. If someone designs a colour before it's released, people will see that one and get used to it looking like that, then often be disappointed when the actual one is released because it didn't look like the one they've been used to seeing. On the other hand, if it looks just like it, then we are copycats, and even with permission to use the design, Laywerbot will strike us down with laserbolts.

How long does it take for Neopets to dry after they've been painted? ಠ_ಠ ~_kawaiidesu_
We suggest waiting about an hour before attempting to give your Neopet a congratulatory hug.


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