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Throw a Fabulous Party... Usul Style!

by amitybelle


I, Flossiye, the Royal Usul, am going to educate you on how to throw a party, Usul style! My parties are designed to entertain a smaller gathering of guests; I find them more fun than trying to converse with over two hundred Neopians. You don't HAVE to be an Usul to have fun either. My Cybunny sisters have hinted at me to include more carrots, but I know they have as much fun as I!

Outdoor Fun

Afternoons are brilliant for spending time outside. I always plan activities involving exercise, plenty of colour and which allow all guests to join in!

Item: Shadow Usul Pinata

Cost: 2,500 - 3,200

This pinata is so much better than other ones! Besides being based on the infamous Shadow Usul, it comes WITHOUT candy. You may think that's a bad thing, or perhaps odd for a pinata, but I assure you, it is not! Who wants a stupid Vira Pinata? It comes with candy already stashed inside! Who's to say the candy is any good? How long has it been sitting there? Does it taste any good? Why take the chance when you can fill the Shadow Usul Pinata with the candies of your choice, I say! Another plus is those who don't like candy or prefer healthier options can participate. You can put anything in at all! Doesn't even have to be food. Toys, books, anything you can think of! Have everyone contribute something to ensure variety and FUN!

Item: Usul Water Balloon Attack

Cost: 12,000 - 13,000

Like Usuls themselves, looks can be deceiving. Filling this cute balloon with chilled water (or be creative, sauce works, or a gooey, slimy substance...) makes for an excellent weapon in water balloon fights. Did someone else grab a candy you wanted from the Shadow Usul Pinata before you got to it? Here's your chance to get them back! Highly recommended for when the sun is sweltering hot.

Item: Official Usuki Bowling Set

Cost: 2,250 - 2,550

To avoid knocking over your Green Usuki Lamp, or shattering the glass of your Red Usuki Display Case, bowling is best played outside. Flat surfaces work best, and avoid hills... you don't want that ball coming back to run you down, ouch! You can set up your own distance and position the pins to your own liking, unlike if you went to a silly arcade!

Indoor Fun

If outside, it's raining, or I'm hosting a sleepover, I have a range of things on offer!

Item: Usuki Music Box

Cost: 12,000 - 12,600

What's a party without music? You can get up and dance, hold a singing competition, play musical chairs, or simply have it playing in the background of your conversation. Encourage guests to bring along their favourite music; you can never have too many Yes Boy Ice-Cream CDs to enjoy.

Item: Groom Me NOW Usul

Cost: 450 - 700

Don't be put off by the angry expression on the face of this doll. Use it as an incentive to create a glamourous new look for her! Style her hair into braids, see what you can achieve with make-up (a great way of trying out new styles before potentially embarrassing yourself with a bad look). You can completely revamp this Usul to look like Hannah, Sally, or Gilly perhaps... and have guests guess who you have styled the Groom Me NOW Usul to look like.

Item: Usuki Perfect Nails Set

Cost: 300 - 500

If you're not keen on grooming a doll, why not yourself or a friend? You'll feel refreshed and beautiful with colourful nails! This Usuki Set is a mere example, there are so many fabulous options! Usuki Hair Extensions Set, Beautiful Bunches Usuki Hair Set... you can play dress up too. Want to pretend you're a Fire or Negg Faerie? A Pop Princess? How about a Court Dancer? Usuki Sets offer creative arts too, such as the Usuki Negg Painting Set. Ideal for Easter! The Neopian Times Usuki Set comes with everything you need to help you get published. Everyone has at least one Usuki Set, and considering how much fun they are, your guests shouldn't need to much reminding to bring theirs along!

Item: Usul Bedtime Stories

Cost: 1,900 - 2,200

Everyone enjoys a good story. This book in particular is good because it's not one single story, it's a collection of short stories, so if someone isn't enjoying what they're hearing, it'll be over soon enough. Take turns reading out loud; when it's your turn to do so, remember to really READ! No one wants to hear you drone on as if it were a boring book about... Grarrls or something. Designed to give Neopets pleasant dreams, you can be sure this book is a winner! I don't want to SCARE my guests, but if you do, go ahead... I recommend Spooky Usul Stories. That was a disaster... Moving on!


I certainly hope you've never been to a party where there was nothing to nibble on... Food is important. Hungry guests are cranky guests, and cranky guests go home!

Item: Deluxe Strawberry Usul Cake

Cost: 19,500 - 20,000

Every good party has a cake! It's hard to go wrong with strawberry, and with a cake of this size, there should be no fighting it out for seconds or even thirds. If you insist on a smaller sized cake, perhaps you need to provide two or three to avoid upsets. Particularly if your party is birthday themed, the cake may be the main attraction when it comes to refreshments. Something bright, colourful and beautifully decorated is what you should aim for.

Item: Cloud Usul Iced Buns

Cost: 27,000 - 30,000

I have trouble eating these, mainly because they are way too adorable. While the icing consists of a sweet vanilla flavour, the bun has a delicious savoury taste. They are VERY light, melt in your mouth treats, ideal for guests who want to watch what they eat.

Item: Fruity Usul Acorns

Cost: 600 - 750

You can't offer only junk food. (I certainly do not offer JUNK at all, but you know what I mean...) An Usul party isn't complete without the most delicious nuts known to Neopia. That nutty flavour with a hint of banana or kiwi is hard to resist. Totally healthy, bite sized and easy to come by, a few large bowls filled with them should be plenty.

Item: Strawberry Usul Soda

Cost: 3,400 - 4,000

Drinks are a must. You can't serve a ton of food and expect your guests to be content. Strawberry Usul Soda goes well with most anything, and is served in a stylish bottle. Even when the carbonated bubbles have long gone, the soda still tastes divine! If you find it's too cold to serve soda, or someone is complaining (sigh), a Pink Usul Mug of Cocoa should go down well.

Item: Orange Jelly Usul

Cost: 10,000 - 11,000

For dessert, this beautiful jelly sculpture is sure to please. Served with a Mint, Strawberry or Vanilla Usul Meringue, the flavours come together to form something quite unique. It is a bit of a shame to have to devour this magnificent piece of art, but my "Sit and Admire the Food" game never caught on.

Item: Mint Chocolate Usul

Cost: 4,500 - 5,000

Scrumptious, creamy, minty chocolate treats which freshen your breath after any meal (and are low in calories) are brilliant to finish off with. If mint isn't your favourite of flavours, Chocolate Usuls also come in milk and white (and are also considerably cheaper).

There you have it! My ideas always impress, and the above have been my most successful. Try a few out, you won't be disappointed!

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