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The Top 15 Most Fashionable Single-Species Wearables

by danielleplicka


Fashion is a huge thing. Especially when it comes to customizing your neopets! Now, of course fashion has to do with the changing seasons, but there are some pieces of clothing that will always be fashionable and never get old. I'm not talking about neocash clothing, or even clothing wearable by all species! That's right, I'm talking about single species wearables. If you don't know what these are, they are wearables that can only be worn by a certain species of neopet. And let's face it; some species are just much more fashionable than others. So, here I give you, in no particular order, the top fifteen pieces of single-species clothing in Neopia!

#1-Orange Bori Dress

Bori are very difficult to customize because of that shell on their backs, but with this dress, it doesn't matter at all. Orange is a beautiful color, and whether your pet is just wanting to look fabulous or going for a night out, she will simply love how she looks in this dress! It even has some cute little matching accessories that include a hat, purse, and bow. Of course males could wear it too, but I don't suggest it.

#2-Silly Pink and Purple Lenny Trousers

Part of a set of funky clothing for Lennies, these trousers are some of the cutest in Neopia! Any pet that is not a Lenny will envy being able to wear these. Because Lennies are tall and skinny, it can be difficult finding the right look for them, but in this case, they are the only pets that fit into this piece of clothing! There is a matching wig and some not-so-matching shoes and a top to go with these trousers.

#3-Bone Print Gelert Sweater

Gelerts are a very fashionable pet, fun to customize. So it is no surprise that probably their best piece of work ever is listed here! This fashionable hoodie is aimed at the male Gelerts but can be worn with happiness by any female that wants to. Whether your Gelert just wants to lounge around in comfort or wants to be in the great outdoors, he will love this hoodie. There are matching trousers and shoes for this piece of clothing.

#4-Striped JubJub Beanie

With JubJubs not having arms, they can be hard to customize. So, putting a hat on them can look quite cute! This is another piece of clothing that can be worn by males and females, so take your pick. As far as I can tell, there are no matching pieces of clothing to go with this hat, but you can mix and match with socks and other clothes to have a truly fashionable JubJub.

#5-Pteri Pink Hoodie

You may think Pteris would be difficult to customize with their wings as arms, but that is a lie. This neopet is one very fashionable! As you can tell, this hoodie is aimed towards females. Great for simply lounging around in comfort, but also very fashionable for going out in public. Sadly, there are no matching accessories for it, but hopefully you have a good enough fashion sense to mix and match! :)

#6-Pretty Kau Cloud Dress

This dress does live up to its name as it is super pretty. Any Kau dreams of having this elegant piece of clothing for going out in public for fun. Every neopet on four legs can be a bit hard to customize but still, this dress makes Kaus look beautiful; plus, there are matching shoes, earrings, even a wig to add! Especially recommended for cloud Kaus. ;)

#7-Red Draik Dress

A very popular piece of clothing, this dress is demanded for female Draiks all over Neopia. Draiks are very fashionable pets and this dress makes that super clear! Made to look more casual than formal, your Draik can wear this lovely dress around the neohome or have fun going out, looking good. Unfortunately, there are no accessories or matching clothes to go with it, but once again, it can be really fun to mix and match! :D

#8-Punk Moehog Jacket

Let's face it, Moehogs just aren't the most stylish and fashionable neopet. But this jacket is the work of a genius! Maybe your neopet doesn't really like the whole punk idea, but black DOES go with anything, so maybe with the right accessories you can change the style. Aimed for male Moehogs, females can also wear it. There are also matching trousers and piercings! Neat! ;)

#9-Elegant Blue Bruce Gown

Bruces aren't the most fashionable neopet, but they aren't the least fashionable either. This beautiful gown was not designed for a casual day, but a dance or an evening out. Any Bruce who wouldn't want this lovely dress must be crazy, because as for most Bruces, this gown is THE gown. There are some simple shoes and a pretty silk scarf to turn this into an entire outfit, and you can also throw in a few other accessories to top it off.

#10-Purple Lupe Pyjamas

So maybe pyjamas aren't that fashionable, but that's okay! There does have to be that fashionable piece of clothing for the nighttime world, and this piece of clothing designed for Lupes takes that title. Comfortable, cozy, and of course stylish, these pyjamas will make both male and female Lupes happy to fall asleep in. There is a matching hat and a Chia plush toy to go with this piece of clothing.

#11-Shoyru Pink Aviator Jacket

Shoyrus know what they are doing when it comes to fashion! This very expensive jacket is in high-demand for female Shoyrus everywhere, as well as the male Shoyru who doesn't mind wearing pink. You don't even have to be aiming for an aviator look, just change around the accessories! This jacket belongs to a large set of wearables that include a helmet, goggles, gloves, shoes, trousers, a scarf, and of course a shirt to go underneath the jacket. Very fashionable.

#12-Xweetok Repairman Shirt

Another item that doesn't have to be worn as what its supposed to be. This loose-fitting repairman shirt is super comfy and can be worn as a casual shirt for any male Xweetok. We also know that Xweetoks have amazing fashion sense, as seen in some of their other pieces of clothing. For this particular shirt, there are matching slacks, a hat, and even a tool if you do want that repairman look.

#13-Pretty Purple Lutari Dress

A simple, pretty, and casual dress sought after by many Lutaris. This species DOES know fashion; just not as well as some. This dress can be made fancy or casual, whatever your Lutari prefers, with the right accessories. Part of a set that includes some nice shoes and a hat. Might I say that the hat is really... not fashionable, however? :)

#14-Fancy Pink Kiko Dress

Kikos, like JubJubs, are difficult to customize. Except they have arms and no legs. Naturally this makes it hard for them in the world of fashion, but this dress is simply amazing! Obviously designed for occasion, any Kiko will look beautiful in this pretty dress. Sadly, there are no accessories, but once again, you can mix and match! :D

#15-Berry Zafara Skirt

Zafaras have good eye for style and this skirt shows it. Whether your Zafara wants to go out or just look casual and comfortable, this piece of clothing will satisfy her. It is very simple, yet pretty, and doesn't have to be worn with its entire set. The set of clothing is again a very large one that includes goggles, a jacket, a scarf, a shirt, shoes, and even a tail sock! How cute.

So there you have it, the top fifteen most fashionable single-species clothes. If you have one of these species that fits with the correct gender, I suggest you go out and buy the clothes! If not, don't worry, there is of course other fashionable clothing out there. Good luck customizing!

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