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What Makes You Good at Key Quest?

by shinning123


Dear fellow reader,

Hello! Welcome to my first created, unique personality quiz! This quiz is designed for my fellow Key Quest players, especially for those wondering what their best strength is in this new-fangled, dynamic board game. If you haven’t tried Key Quest, I highly encourage you to try it out, as it is a carefully devised game which combines all aspects of gaming skill, strategy, and luck. It’s great fun—there’s so much to it and there’s something for everybody.

If you are not familiar with the game, be aware you might be a little bit lost because I make reference to specific Power-ups and certain situations most likely only understood by fellow players. Anyway, onward with the quiz!

Directions: Grab your Battle Duck Pencil and something to write on. Read the following six questions and pick the best response that best describes you or your opinions. Record the letter of the response that you picked. At the end, you will use your answers to determine the answer to this question: What makes you good at Key Quest?

1. What would you do if your opponent was three squares away from winning, and it was your turn?

A. Land on a mini game, and win it to feel better. (And to stall... tee hee :P)

B. Ah... but you see, I’ve already prepared for this. I have a brilliant plan ready to stop it... I will use some Power-up that totally throws them off course! Mwhahaha! Transportation helmet, Misdirected Compass, or the Rainbow Key!

C. Roll the dice and hope to get lucky.

D. Use the Mortog Power-up, jump ahead of them, (but take a moment to enjoy their shocked face) and head for the door!

E. I'm happy for the winner and myself, knowing I've put up a good fight. It was a good game. No bitter feelings.

2. What would you do if YOU were three squares away from winning, and it was your opponent's turn?

A. If they land on a mini game, great! I can own them one last time before I win.

B. Hope they don't use a Power-up against me that makes me start over, as I have done so many times to them.

C. Do nothing, think nothing, worry not. I'll roll at least a three next turn and I will have won.

D. Have my Loaded Die/Virtudice ready, because you know, I might get unlucky, and I'd rather be 100% sure I'll win this turn.

E. Thank my opponent for a good game, and win without rubbing it in.

3. Which of the following best describes your favorite feeling during a typical game, and why you love Key Quest in general?

A. When I'm so ahead of the opponent during a mini game while they have zero. *laugh* I win obviously, and collect my key.

B. I enjoy the strategic challenge to it, and I love it when I win due to the strategy I’ve so carefully planned out.

C. I always get awesome dice rolls--once I got two sixes in a row!

D. When I use a Power-up against my opponent and totally change the course of the game. And then I get to win!

E. I enjoy learning and improving my strategy with each game. I also love my new friends, formerly past Key Quest opponents. :D

4. Which of the following best describes the worst feeling for you during a typical game of Key Quest, or the worst part of Key Quest in general?

A. When I glitch up during a Mini Game, I get angry because I know I should've won.

B. When I lose the game--that strategy was invincible, I tell you! T____T;

C. Why do I keep get ones when I roll this dice while my challenger keeps getting sixes! Ugh!

D. How come I don't have any good Power-ups? I can't function without them. *collapses* This game is hopeless.

E. Why would somebody quit a game? I mean, they still get a silver key and NP, right? I don't understand.

5. Which of the following best describes your strategy?

A. Land on as many Mini Games squares as you can, because that’s how you get most of your keys.

B. Have my pathway and order of keys to collect all stored up in a mental map, ready to defend against any possible Power-ups and shifts in the game.

C. Just roll the dice and who knows what will happen! It's all about luck.

D. Collect a specific combination of Power-ups. One for a last resort if my opponent is about to win, another to boost up the number of keys I have, and another one to destroy my opponent for a good measure.

E. To be honest, my strategy varies a lot with each game.

6. If there was something about Key Quest you could change, what would it be?

A. More Mini Games! C'mon, TNT! Add more--I'm tired of getting the Nova Matcher... that is so elementary! *rolls eyes*

B. I like it the way it is, although I wouldn't mind a change here and then. The challenge of devising new strategies is fun.

C. Make it more based on luck! Say no to strategy!

D. More Power-ups! More Power-up squares! We can never have too many Power-ups.

E. I wish everybody would stop being so competitive (it's not all about the gold keys you know) and enjoy the sport of the game. *sigh*

Alright... ready for your results? What makes YOU good at Key Quest?

If you got mostly A: Your skill at Mini Games. When your opponent groans when they've landed on a Mini Game Square, it's because they've got something to fear! You always pwn your opponents at those dratted Mini Games and make them cry. You're 100% skill and reflex, bud. That doesn't happen to just anybody, you know. Even if you don't always win in the end, the satisfaction of totally trampling your opponent (and making them feel like a rotten asparagus) at every mini game makes Key Quest worthwhile.

If you got mostly B: Your quick wits. You enjoy the challenge of creating the best strategy, from devising which starting point is the best to the order of keys to collect. You are also especially talented when a change in situation occurs and the need to adapt calls. Share with us your brains, oh gifted one!

If you got mostly C: Your luck. It's as if Fyora the Faerie Queen herself has flown down and granted you this amazing gift of luck! Luck is something incredibly essential to have in a Key Quest game, and you've got it all--100% to the core. Even the most strategic players need your skill. Besides... most of the time, luck is all you need to win.

If you got mostly D: Your talent with Power-ups. Taken 'em by surprise! To you, the most important factor lies in those Power-ups. You love being evil and thwarting your opponent as the last second as they reach for the door, and claim that gold key for yourself. Your opponents will drive themselves insane as they try to keep an eye for your tricks, trying to make sure you have nothing up your sleeve. Of course, their attempts are futile, because you always manage to outsmart them in one way or another. Fwhahaha...

If you got mostly E: Your Spirit! Even though you don't always win or you aren't the best at Key Quest, it doesn't matter. You always keep a positive attitude, and never quit a game. Key Quest is all about the gaming experience, not to collect more gold keys than the person next to you. We need more people like you in Neopia. :) Spread the sportsmanship!

Remember! Not only in Key Quest, but in everything, it is always important to know your strengths, accept them, and use them to your advantage. Nobody is all rounded and perfect at everything! Yes, even you have a talent in Key Quest, although you might not think it. In fact, you are probably unaware lots of people wish desperately to have your gift. The truth is no matter how much they wish that strength will only remain unique to you. Be proud of it!

I hope you have walked out with a bigger smile on your face, a longer stride in your steps, and perhaps a better mood for the day. Thank for taking the time to read my article. I hope you got something out of it.

With all due respect,


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