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Altador Cup III Roster Changes

by sea_monster2


In this article, we will be focusing on the new roster changes of the Y10 Altador Cup. Many teams have gotten new players, plus four new goaltenders! Over the past year while Kreludor did not participate, they got two new players. Sadly, Vignacio had to leave. You will learn the true potential of all these freshman players and their expectations. Many freshmen, such as Elbin Kroe, have already become fan favorites, just like Reshar Collifey last year. Skills of the game are very important; without those you couldn’t be a yooyuball player, could you? So I will also be talking about the strengths and weaknesses of each player. Now without further ado I give you the new yooyuballers!

Elbin Kroe

Elbin Kroe became a fan favorite once he stepped out onto the field of his first ever official yooyuball game. Once the Altador Cup Scouts recognized his new talents, they contacted Terror Mountain. It was a sure deal to take the little scrappy Selwick Phoss out of the Terror Mountain team and replace him with new upcoming star Elbin Kroe. After being offered a 12 million neopoints contract to be with Terror Mountain, Kroe did not care about anything, not even the money! He quickly signed, and in late April, the squad announced their new player! Kroe’s advantage of being able to fly made it easy to steal the ball and score out of nowhere! Once he got the ball, passing was another strong point for him, so then it made him more of the centre field player. He would be able to steal the ball from the opponents that were trying to score on their net and then pass it up field where Rinok Fitel would be waiting. Overall, this rookie would make a great addition to the Terror Mountain squad.

Erli Quinnock

One of the major goaltender trades that happened during the off-season was the trade between Orie Dinelle and Erli Quinnock. After the managers for the Brightvale team realized that Dinelle was not pulling off what was expected, it was a time for a change. They brought up Erli Quinnock, for an 11.5 million neopoints contract to be with them. Quinnock received offers from Kreludor, Maraqua and Mystery Island. But she declined them all to play for the scrappy little team from her home nation. Erli made it huge, announcing her new arrival on the squad in late February and giving fans another reason to keep rooting for Brightvale for the win. What really made Brightvale managers eager to put Quinnock on their team was her intelligence and consistency! Her intelligence made her the brightest of the Brightvale team plus her consistency made it so that she would keep on trying over and over again! Not to mention her toughness gave her a great advantage! Will Quinnock fall into the Brightvale Team’s cheating ways or will she join Tressif in trying to change their ways?

Ciona Broan

After Elbin Towse made a huge disappointment in his expectations, after only one year, he got kicked off the team and replaced by potentially all-star Ciona Broan! Ciona Broan is sure to live up to her expectations, after the 13 million neopoints investment that was made by the managers of the Faerieland Squad. Her toughness gave her the great strength of blocking, and the tackling was feared by many others of her colleagues. Ciona Broan is one of the greatest rookies this year. Will she be able to outwit the press and stay out of all the hot gossip, and become a legend for the Faerieland team, or will she be just another player who died out in her expectations? Broan stated that she will try her best to stay on the Faerieland squad for a while and she hopes that she is at least nominated for an award.

Jurin T.

One of the greatest moves that Kreludor made was trading long friend of Fonnet, Xila Kitae, for Jurin T, although Jurin has no expectations made yet, and he probably won’t become a star and win any awards. He is one of the fantastic rookie goaltenders that the Altador Cup Committee has seen all season long! Jurin had everything that Kitae didn’t: stamina, reflexes, and athleticism to keep him trucking his way to the Altador Cup! Kreludor didn’t want to miss out on a chance to get him on their squad, so they offered a 10 million contract, in competition with Lost Desert, Mystery Island, Meridell and Maraqua. Jurin stated that he will take the squad from the moon to the championship round.

Coco Metrone

Alas, not all trades are good. Kreludor made a huge mistake by kicking off Vignacio, a huge start and addition to the squad for Coco. Coco has none of the great skills that Vignacio had and is probably the weakest. No expectations and no press on him means that he can slack off and not worry about anything! What were the managers thinking! Metrone almost didn’t get any offers; Kiki Lake offered 2 million but pulled out. But Kreludor offered a low 3 million and he quickly accepted before they pulled out. Still, his craftiness and speed could turn the lights around for him and he could probably become a great rookie.

Antola Maeir

Being an even greater rookie than Reshar Collifey when he started out made Antola Maeir the spotlight of every reporter there is! Maeir received seven offers from Roo Island, Maraqua, Terror Mountain, Mystery Island, Meridell, Tyrannia and Lost Desert. But one offer that was not listed was from Shenkuu, offering a whopping 23 million neopoints! That’s two times more than what Reshar Collifey made in his first year! A sure to be a “Rookie of the Year”, hopefully he can keep the award making Shenkuu the holder of that award for 2 years. Antola wanted to play with his home team so he accepted. The upcoming all-star replaced Turo Rafels, a Koi who was a walking disaster to the Shenkuu squad. Antola's speedy self and his often practiced “Shenkuu Strike”, which combines his blocking powers with his jumping, truly made him the rookie to watch of the year.

Lamelle Turow

Another mistake: “Dirty” Navers, an award winning player, was kicked off! Lamelle Turow has barely any strength that will make him a star and fill the void that Navers left. This is one risk that the Lost Desert squad has made, which could turn out to be a terrible disaster. He is quite small, but though he has a knack for stealing the ball, he's not that great a passer. Maybe Turow’s name will change to Lamelle “Steal”? An offering of 10 million neopoints definitely lured this Kiko into joining the squad.

Dorina Hals

The anticipation of a new roster for Maraqua came with the arrival of Dorina Hals, who was offered an 8 million contract with the help of Hughlis. Dorina Hals is a great athletic player that could turn the standings of Maraqua to a new direction! Why Hughlis even bothered to take her on is a question, but we have some conclusions. Maybe Elon only took her on so that she could light the spotlight on him even brighter, and so that she would fall into the background just like Jair Tollet did. Dorina Hals is probably too smart for Elon’s tricky ways. Now the question is, will Maraqua finally have a team member that will step out of Elon Hughlis’ shadow, or will she fall back?

Yoris Obbles

Yoris Obbles, a scrappy little JubJub who made it big. With him replacing star captain Sir Pollonaire Freidl, making Windell the new captain, fans were given a huge shock. Yoris maybe small, but is he too small to be able to block the net? Obbles is not a favorite rookie, but his inexperience led him to take a 1 million offer from Meridell. Obbles has a great chance to become even better than Freidl, but can he do it? His size is maybe too small, but his energy and stamina will not keep him down.

Lor Benneveldt

Lor, a Flotsam with a heart big as the Island itself. After trying to offer dozens of new roster to come join Mystery Island, they finally found Benneveldt. A much more skilled goaltender than Yaniq Avaan could ever be! Lor has the instincts and the reflexes to keep Mystery Island above all! Will this scrappy new goalie finally find his true new life exciting and full of recognition? Or will his ego finally take over and destroy his chance to become a star? After he was offered a 13 million contract, I don’t think he’ll let that down.

Goltron MK I

Not much at all to say, but I think what’s holding back Virtupets is the lack of REAL LIFE players, not some easy to pay, bought robot. When will Virtupets learn that real players can’t be robots? We’ll just have to see if this non-living organism makes an actual difference. I mean, do you actually feel threatened by a low IQ steel contraption?! It would probably take him exactly 8.5 seconds to move out of the way if a Snow Yooyu was coming at him! And in that time he would still get hit and make the save, but at the same time he would need an oil change in the middle of the game.

Well, that’s it for the rosters! They’re plenty of good candidates to win the “Rookie of the Year” award! I’m now going to now keep on eye on Antola Maeir, Erli Quinnock and Elbin Kroe, one of those three have to lead their team to great extents! Thank you for reading this article! This reporter is finally finished.

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