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Conspiracy! Why Hannah Took Over For Sloth

by goalkeeper50


Most people know that the Grundos inhabit Kreludor, but a rather less well known fact is that in the station quarters farthest away from the bustling activity of Booktastic Books and Kreludan Homes, resides a split Grundo called Pallax. You may think, “That must be a spin-off of Parlax, Sloth’s spy in The Return of Dr. Sloth Plot.” In fact, it’s the other way around. He’ll be the first to tell you TNT isn’t nearly as imaginative as people think; they mostly base characters off of real pets. As interesting as that all is, he’s not the subject of our story. More like a source. In fact, everything you’re about to read is based on the facts he gave (Some dramatizations may occur) about one of the few conspiracy theories TNT hasn’t started themselves. That’s right. I’m about to reveal to you the real reason why the Return of Dr. Sloth Plot wasn’t released until five years after its original air date. It all started thanks to a TCG set and an elite Usuki convention... (This is where you imagine the wavy fading flashback thing.)


Dr. Frank Sloth walked into his office building scowling, but appeared (appeared being the key word here) to brighten once he was inside, safe from those that would blow his Evil Genius image. It was much harder to appear an Evil Genius than people realized (one slip-up, and it’s all over) but even that stress couldn’t bring him down today. The set for his plot comic was coming along nicely (plots are always great popularity boosters, especially to those who hadn’t even heard of him, imagine!), and shooting would be finished in time for the Elite Collectors Usuki Convention, for which he had recently received an invitation. Ever since he was a little sloth, with just fifty or sixty usukis, he had dreamed of going to the Elite Collectors Usuki Convention. It was a very (dare I say it) elite convention; only those with the top 100 collection were invited, and it was only held every five years. (Remember that, it’s important later.) His assistant, (take a guess who) Pallax, sidled up to him and began reading his schedule for the day.

“You have a free afternoon! Busy morning, though; a staff meeting at ten, preliminary run-through for the first chapter of the plot, and after that, and lunch meeting with TNT to discuss the rescheduling of the plot premier.” The last item slowly penetrated Sloth’s happy-minded haze.

“Plot rescheduling?”

“Yes sir, It’s pushed back a month. They need time to work on release the new TCG set-”

“It’s definitely pushed back a month, exactly? No room to change?”

“Well, I might be able to speak to Lawyerbot, but you know what he’s like, so it’s very unlikely...” By this point, Sloth wasn’t even listening, just trudging to his office with a very concentrated look. “I’ll see you in the meeting then, Sir!”


“Okay everyone, I have some bad news.” Everyone turned their attention towards their boss (Sloth, of course!). “TNT is moving the plot premier back exactly a month, which doesn’t work into our scheduling.”

“Why not?” Gallix, a blue Grundo protested. “Anything we have going on should be able to be rescheduled for something as important as a plot.”

“I have something very important that day.”

“But more important than a plot?”

“He said he had an important engagement,” Pallax cut in, complete with a look of complete animosity for Gallix. In case you haven’t guessed by now, Gorix’s character was based on Gallix (TNT went one step further than they did with Pallax’s name because “Garlix” sounded like something you would use to ward off vampires). Their relationship was very much the same as it was in the plot. They used to be the best of friends, but Gallix became extremely jealous when Pallax was picked to be Sloth’s new assistant. (The old assistant mysteriously disappeared the day before a big presentation revealing many meepit secrets.)

“Anyways...” Sloth cut in before blood was shed. “We need to see if either TNT will change the premier date-”

“Not going to happen; I already checked, since you mentioned it this morning.” Only Gallix noticed the smug smile Pallax flashed him as he said this. “But if you can convince another group to take our spot, it would help ease the users’ uproar a bit, and TNT might consider rescheduling us at a later date. It’s too tight a time to get a whole new plot ready, but you might be able to convince someone whose plot is already in the works to switch with you.”

“What are our choices? Anyone that owes us a favor?”

This time, one of Sloth's newer department heads, a Cybunny named Clara, piped up. “Unfortunately there’s only one plot that might work, but you’re not going to like it. The Hannah and the Ice Caves plot almost has its script finalized and its set built. They were scheduled as the winter plot. Makes sense, right?”

“There’s got to be someone other than the self-centered Usul! What about the plot with the pirates, or the Lost Desert thing they’ve been talking about?”

“They’re barely passed the brainstorm stage. They won’t be ready for at least one year, more likely several. It’s our only option.”

“Great. Let me think then. Okay. Valkan, you’re in charge of finding out what we can offer Hannah in exchange for pulling her plot forward so much. I suggest you get Scott to do some poking around; he’s the best at that. Everyone else, you know what to do.” Sloth turned to face his staff. “Why are you all still sitting there? Let’s MOVE, people! I need this information by tomorrow so I can negotiate with her early enough that TNT will accept it.” It was a mad scramble for the doors, as most people were already sending off neomails or pulling out memos. Sloth, however, sank into his chair, back to concentrating. “It had to be That Usul....”


“We got it, sir!” Valkan scrambled up to Sloth as he left his office for the meeting with Hannah. “Scott had a little trouble contacting Adam thanks to his pesky new assistant, Lana, but Gallix was able to get around her and we got it. You’re going to like it, too.” He handed the piece of paper he had been clutching over to Sloth.

Sloth let out a low whistle of appreciation for his staff. They were good. “This just might work after all. Wish me luck!” Sloth strode purposefully into the room, trying to create a presence from the get-go. “Thanks for meeting with me on such short notice, Hannah.”

“Let’s skip the schmoozing and get down to business. I have treasure to find and things to explore.”

Sloth usually would have retorted, but held it in check today. “Fine then. The gist is this: I need you to move your plot up to say, the day mine is supposed to premier?” Hannah only raised her eyebrows, but that was all she had to do. Sloth knew she was curious. “I’ve spoken to TNT, and they’re fine with it.”

“But it would put a lot of pressure on me. Why should I do it?”

“Well, firstly, your plot won’t have to follow an excellent plot such as mine.” Hannah snorted, but Sloth continued anyways. “Plus we’re prepared to give up one of our games for you. Imagine it: ‘Hannah and the Ice Caves!’. All of the players that have finished Hannah and the Pirate Caves are just dying for a new challenge. They’d love you for it.”

“They already love me. Let me think about it, though. I’ll get back to you next week.”

“But by then it will be too late! Fine. Instead of the Bori being an alien species, it can come from Terror Mountain. You’ll be credited with discovering and saving a whole species! You can’t buy advertisement like that!”

Hannah still looked doubtful. “I’ll get back to you tomorrow.”

Well, we all know how that turned out.

I made it into the NT on my first try! Neomail me if you want to know who one of my characters represents from TRODS!

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