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If you had a baby Neopet and Boochi fired at them, would your baby Neopet become even more of a baby Neopet, or would this never happen? Say "hi" to the Meepits. ~lfoxboyl
No, there's is only one level of baby. If Boochi zaps your baby Neopet it will remain the same.

Ohhh, I think I see a pirate Draik over there!

Hey TNT, I'm just curious. What's the most popular thing to search in the Neopets search bar? ~whatever745
We asked the Meepits about this and their answer was, "MEEP!" We aren't sure we should believe them.

Hiya, TNT! All I wanted to ask is this: suppose a person has two accounts. One of them is a perfect profile, but on the other one he does all kinds of bad things like scamming, cheating, etc. How do you find out that the same person is behind all this? ~wizard_bigbingo
From the point of view of another player it can often be difficult to tell. It's good that you recognise this does happen, though. Often, when we freeze players who do this, those that knew the well-behaved account are upset that such a "perfect" Neopian was frozen. It's best just to report the scamming/cheating/misbehaving account since, from there, we can track down the main account. Remember, you are responsible for your behaviour on ALL your accounts.

Hey TNT! I was wondering, is it okay to lie when it comes to making Neopoints? For example: saying that you're selling items in your shop for 1 NP when they're really priced higher. *throws cookies and asparagus* You guys are awesome. :) ~sammy_16000
Eh, this is going to be tricky to answer, so please read carefully. If they are attempting to scam, trick, or harass someone by lying then it most certainly is not okay. However, if someone says they have items for 1 NP in their shop, and you get there and they are sold out already and you see no 1 NP items, then obviously they weren't lying or trying to trick you. If someone says they will never sell a certain gallery item, then next week they change their mind and sell it, well, it's more a person changing their mind than lying. Please just do your best to judge if someone is being malicious in their lying, or if what they stated prior honestly just doesn't apply anymore.

In the past you have said that the staff doesn't get free NP for working since it would unbalance the game. However, I was wondering if they do get a monthly allowance or something of free NC, now that there's something that doesn't unbalance the game that you can give the staff. ~hoeiva
We did all get cash cards when they came out, but most of us have blown through that already. Aside from that, we pretty much need to buy our own NC Mall stuff for our personal accounts. Trust us, we squee'd just as much as you guys at the 150 NC free giveaway. :D

After a three year hiatus, I decided to play Neopets again. I discovered that the Neopets were converted and didn't look like the original art I recalled from three years ago. I thought everyone had their Neopets converted to the new drawings. However, it is not so. I found many Neopets that are not converted and still look like the original Neopets of three years ago. Why is that? I asked on the Help Board and, there, people claim that "for certain colors you can decide whether to convert or not." Others claim that only some people get to choose. Is that true? If so, what colors can we choose and what qualifications would we need to be able to have the original looking Neopets back? ~maylin300
Welcome back! To clarify, the first thing you heard was correct. While most Neopets were converted automatically, there were a few that we left with an option to convert or not. This had nothing to do with the player, just the particular Neopet/colour combo. Any Neopet that was automatically converted (or chosen to be converted by those that had one not auto-converted) can never be unconverted. Hope that made sense!

I saw an FAQ about an item being retired. What other titles would items have, and what would "special" mean? Does it imply that the rarity level is (random number) or something? ~twoacross72
Items that are labeled as "special" (for example, in your SDB) are rarity 101. Some other rarities are: super rare (r99), retired (r180), and artifact (r200+). All items that are sold in the Hidden Tower are artifacts. When those items are retired, though, they turn into r180s.

I'm special! :D

You know when someone finds an item like a PB or transmogrification potion in someone's shop and buys it? Is that considered cheating or looked down on, or is it the seller's fault for pricing the item so cheap in the first place? Sometimes I feel bad when I snipe items and make NP off them (please leave my name out). ~[username removed]
Sniping is fine, and can be an effective way to make Neopoints. Only if you are actively trying to trick someone into selling the item cheaply to you does it cross the line into scamming. Of course, it's always nice trade the item back to the player, but we have no rule asking you to do such a thing. We'll let your own conscious decide if you keep it or return it.

Dearest TNT, I have an important and urgent question to ask you, rocks aside. Today, someone offered to buy a Mono-Scimitar I had on a trade for 1.1 million NP. I agreed to put it on auction for that price. So while we waited for the auction to end, we talked. However, as I told him it was a weak weapon, it turns out he didn't know that. Unfortunately, it was too late, as his bid was already placed. Rather than buy the scimitar back from him, I wanted to get something else with the Neopoints before that item had gotten too expensive. Now, I still wanted the scimitar, so I offered to buy it back from him when I could. He agreed and thanked me for it, but I feel that what I did wasn't right. Was what I did okay, since he basically bought it, or am I at fault for not giving him the Neopoints back? I don't think it was false advertising, because my wishlist was blank, and he didn't ask beforehand... I just want to be sure, though. I value my account here more than my lower limbs. Thank you so much. ~luvas
As seen in the previous question, sometimes earning Neopoints and buying/selling can cause you to encounter certain moral dilemmas. From how you describe the situation, you did nothing wrong. If the person had asked beforehand and you lied about the item, then that would be scamming, but you did nothing to trick them into buying it, so it was fine. It is very kind of you to be so concerned about the transaction, though. :)

Hi, I was just wondering... when I searched the word "lodge" in the search box to buy myself a Neolodge Stamp a item caught my eye. It was a Ski Lodge Stamp, and its description talks about something bad happening in it. I searched the whole site but couldn't find anything. What's the story behind the Ski Lodge? ~phoenix_icefire1
The Ski Lodge previously existed on the peak of Terror Mountain. During the early days of Neopets it held a murder mystery event involving staff characters. After the event was over, it sat there for years until we finally removed it from the map.

Are we allowed to buy something from the Hidden Tower on our side accounts? If not, then why? ~eowyn315
Nope! The Hidden Tower is limited to allowing someone to purchase only one item a day. You can't purchase things from there on a side account because it would be going behind the whole concept of only one item per day there.

I was seriously wondering if you guys do anything but stare at computers all day and occasionally do a Meepit-invasion drill. ~rachel4evarules
If we work real hard, occasionally they let us outside to nourish ourselves with food. Sometimes, they even let us go home and sleep if we can get enough work done. Poor Snarkie has so much work, rumour has it that she hasn't slept since late 2006.

Thankfully our desks are large enough to hide under during the drills.

Is there a way to actually get the book holding up the table from the archivist, or is there really no point to the button in the Hall of Heroes? ~nancyshoop
Ohhh... sounds like you should take a relaxing stroll around Altador's countryside. You never know what you might find! ;)

Hi, one moment of your time please. Does theneopetsteam send you a Neomail when your question is posted, or do you just have to check week after week? ~smilingpurplegiraffe
As you have probably guessed by now, you just have to check the Editorial as no Neomail is sent. Also, if your question didn't make it in that week, it's highly doubtful it will be chosen for a later week due to how they pile up each week.

Hi, TNT. I have a question for you that has been bothering me for quite some time now... how exactly does the Marketplace work? I mean, how do people get their own mall together (like guild malls), get it all into a banner, and then get their banner into some little house in the marketplace? I just don't understand! ~bright_sun_star
Cooperation, mostly! Malls and their pretty banners and linked shops are all done by players organising, working together, and creating and hosting their banners and buttons to cooperatively advertise. To show up in those little Marketplace shops players need to upgrade their shop sizes, as only the biggest shops in Neopia are seen there. A warning, though -- upgrading your shop to be large enough to show in the Neopian Marketplace currently costs nearly 3,000,000 NP.

I'm curious, and was wondering if you could clear something up for me. Let's say I have a Krawk Petpet that's painted one of the very cool colors that were just released (let's say, pirate). If I were to take it to the Fungus Caves to turn it into a Krawk Neopet, would it still be the same color as the Petpet was, therefore creating a pirate Krawk? Thanks, TNT! ~janarbuckle
Yup. That's exactly how it would work. :)

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