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Dasher Soley Speaks

by 101monica101


ALTADOR - As of June 5th this year, the most exciting tournament to hit Neopia has come back. Thousands of fans scream and cheer for their teams. The crazy Techo fan is basking in his unexpected fame. Only one thing can unite so many people and create rivalry as well. It's the Altador Cup II!

Even though the tournament is not over, it is easy to see which team is the strongest so far. Last year Team Haunted Woods took the title and trophy. Who will it be this year? No one knows for sure, but we do know that Team Krawk Island won't go down without a fight!

This hardworking teams consists of 5 amazing players. The team captain is "Dasher" Soley. Then playing goalkeeper we have Garven Hale. Left forward is Ealyn Hawkshanks. Right defender is Nitri Cassale, and left defender is Zayle Sufhaux. They all sport their red, black, and grey uniforms proudly.

I recently had the honour of meeting this team, and I also interviewed the team captain, Dasher Soley.

"So, Dasher... uh... can I call you Dasher?''

''Yar, of course!''

''Great! So, Dasher, congratulations on you and your team doing so well so far. How does it feel to be undefeated so far?"

"It feels mighty grrrreat! All o' us have worked so hard this year. It was disappointing to be eliminated last year, but it gave us a chance to get a new perspective on things."

"Wisely put. And how are your teammates?"

"We're fine. They are all as happy as I am. Nitri caught a cold, though; she be coughing up a storm, but is healing well."

"Hope Nitri will be okay soon! Now, this is a question you must get asked a lot. What made you replace starter Hoke Lemtry with Zayle Sufhaux?"

"As much as I liked Hoke, he had to retire early. He went out with a busted kneecap, and I ain't sure what he's doin' now. We also had to make a tough choice. Keep ol' Hoke or win. Hoke told us that the team as a whole was more important. We still keep in touch through letters every now and then."

"Wow. That must've been a tough choice!"

"It was."

"Well, Dasher, which team do you think poses the most threat for you?"

"I think that all of the teams are great! Some do need to make a few player changes here and there, though. But to be honest, I think that Roo Island has a huge fanbase and that be pushing them to the top. It was unexpected, but they are doing really well this year, and they did well last year as well."

"I hear you are close with Roo Island's Captain Lilo Blumario. What will happen if you have to face him in the finals?"

"Well, there's still no guarantee who will be in the finals. But if it is us, I think the intensity of the game could blow off the roof! We are both competitive with each other, but we will be friends no matter what."

"Awww! How sweet! Now, we know that last year, Maraqua's Jair Tollet was an important player. Now that Roo Island has snagged Jair, they are doing much better. We know that Jair was your first choice to replace Hoke. Are you upset with Lilo for that?"

"At first I was, but we made a pact. We won't let anything get in the way of our friendship."

"Now, there is a rumour going around that goalkeeper Garven Hale is planning to let the yooyu into the net if Fiorina, Meridell's right forward, is on the team. They say that he has a big crush on her!"

"This is absolutely not true! This was clearly a ploy to overrule our defeat of Meridell. Thar be people who is angry at us. People were very angry, and claimed that we cheated. I assure you, we are above cheating, and play fair and square every game! We may be pirates, but ya best be sure we ain't cheatin' ones like them's at the cove!"

"Good to get that cleared up! But what about Team Kreludor? We have an official response as to why they are not in this years tournament, but people are saying that it is because of cheating going on in the games."

"I know nothing of this. Because Kreludor is based on the moon, I don't really know any of the players. I believe what the official response says."

"There are also Krawk Island haters that mock your weaknesses. What would you like to say to them?"

"Not everyone is perfect. What I do lack in speed, I make up for in my scoring and kind leadership. Plus our great goalie keeps on his toes at all times. Krawk Island isn't about individuals; it is about how those individuals work out in a team. As for the haters, you can dislike any team you want, as long as you have a good reason to. Publicly humiliating someone is rude and unkind."

"Are you talking about last week in Meridell?"

"Errr... yes."

"What exactly happened?"

"Ahg, I'd not like to talk about that, missy. Being booed off stage and havin' veggie juice down me shirt ain't fun to talk about, ya hear?"

"Yes sir! Enough of that then. *coughs* Dasher, which team would you like to play against in the finals, if you make it?"

"That be a hard thing to decide! We ain't never played Shenkuu before, but Roo Island would present a fun challenge, and yet I'd like to have a go at them scallywags in the Haunted Woods who think they're better than all of 'em. I would like to play all o' the teams!"

"Hehehe, it isn't an easy choice with all of the good teams to choose from! But if your team does win, what'll you do?"

"I'd hoot and holler and have a swashbuckle fight! I'd spend me dubloons on a nice fancy shelf for me trophy! It would be the best honour in a pirate's life! It would make me momma proud!"

"Wow! You sure would like to win!"

"That I would! But I feel honoured just to participate in the Altador Cup, both o' 'em! And the fans have been great!"

"Well, there you have it, folks! A great leader and a good player. Will Dasher lead his team to victory? Will they play Roo Island in the finals? Will another team rise to the occasion and take their place? We'll have to watch the games to find out! Until then, happy Altador Cup!"

~The following interview has been brought to you by the Petpet Protection League. Do not attempt to kick or harm untrained Yooyus. Please remember to love your petpet!~

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