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Week - 180

Six Steps To Impress King Skarl
by 101monica101
Description: He sits upon his throne, looking down on all of his people. He is known as the Grumpy Old King, which is only a fraction of what he really is.

Week - 208

Gimmie Gimmie Never Gets
by 101monica101
Description: One day, a long time ago, Adrian and Natalie went to see the paint brush gallery, and all the painted pets they had there...

Week - 262

Your Dearest, Nibbles
by 101monica101
Description: Something caught Nibbles' eyes. She looked around her, and saw what it was. To this day, no one but Nibbles knew what made her run away, not even Tamara, but she ran...

Week - 297

Dasher Soley Speaks
by 101monica101
Description: Dasher Soley, Captain of Krawk Island, speaks about his team, his hopes, and the rumours surrounding his team...

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