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Hubrid's Hero Heist: Learn the Basics

by dana622


Hubrid's Hero Heist is one of the least played flash games in Neopia. Personally I can't understand why. Then again, I'm also not sure what it is about this game that makes me so happy. It might be the 3000 neopoints I make from it every day, it might be that I like eating, or it might be because I like miniatures (the bad guys are so cute when you shrink them!). If you've never played Hubrid's Hero Heist, this guide will give you the fundamentals you need to enjoy this game. If you're one of the few who play it on a regular basis, I hope you can learn something new from this. Enjoy!


You start out the game with three lives. Once you get 10,000 points, you get another life. After that, you're on your own. You won't get another life at 20,000 points or 30,000 points, or even at 50,000 points. The most you can ever have is 4 lives.

You will lose a life if you touch a bad guy or if you are hit by one of their projectiles, or if you run out of time for the level you are on.


-To defeat a bad guy, you must wave your wand at it to make it small, and then squish it before it gets big again. When it's about to go back to normal size, it starts flashing. You can still get it when it's little and flashing, but if you try to squish it when it's big and flashing you'll lose a life. Once you have successfully squished a baddie, a food item will appear (see "Goodies" section below).

-The most basic baddie is the mutant Kacheek. It just walks around slowly and aimlessly until it hits a wall or finds a ladder to climb up or down. They are unpredictable and they will fall off the edges of platforms sometimes, but they are not your biggest concern here. The only way they can hurt you is if you walk right into them (or vice versa).

-The ghost JubJubs are very similar to the mutant Kacheeks in that they don't do anything special to try to kill you. They just wander around. The only thing about them is they seem to have some sort of obsession with ladders. They love to hop around on the ladders. They will, however, hop around on the horizontal platforms from time to time.

-The Lupes are my least favorite. They are tricky. Lupes will never fall off the edge of a platform and they can turn around to throw their jack-like weapon things at you, but whether or not they do is random. They also have peculiar ladder-climbing tendencies. If they are on a platform above you, they can climb down the ladder to get to you. But no matter what, they will never ever climb up a ladder. Go figure.

-Grey Scorchios are not nearly as bad. They do throw things, but unlike the Lupes, they will only throw things in the direction they are walking in. They cannot climb up or down, or jump off of platforms. They just walk back and forth with blank expressions and do a funny little dance while they're throwing (I'm not kidding, watch their legs and arms when they throw something).

-The ghost Chias can be a bit of a pain. They are a lot less annoying than the stuff-throwing baddies, but they have their moments. When they're on the same platform as you (or even one that's just level to the one you're on), and they're close enough, they'll hurl themselves at you, head first. So if you somehow end up on a platform right next to these guys, you have to move fast. The good news is that you can shrink them while they're swimming (look at that beautiful flutter kick!) towards you and they can't hurt you when they're small. Ghost Chias can climb up and down ladders and can fall off of the edge of a platform.

-Sometimes a dark faerie will appear (she makes the same noise as your wand when you wave it), and throw a purplish ball or two at you. Look out! She has really good aim! If you don't move out of the way, you will get hit and lose a life. There is nothing you can do about the balls except for dodge them. They are not affected by your wand. Never fear, though; she only appears on specific levels. For example, you can always expect her on level 6. Usually she will only throw one ball at you each time she appears, but a few times she has snuck a second one in there before disappearing. She will reappear about every five seconds or so throughout the level, so keep an eye out for her. For some reason, the dark faerie herself isn't actually harmful to you. You can walk right through her if you need to for whatever reason.


Once you have killed a baddie, a goodie will appear somewhere on the screen. Grabbing them will get you points, and different items have different point values, as seen below:

Everlasting Apple- 5000 points

Cackling Negg- 5000 points

Faerie Pancakes- 4000 points

Spyder Bytes- 3000 points

Gummy Aishas- 1500 points

Starberry- 1000 points

Grey Negg-1000 points

Striped Negg- 800 points

Asparagus- 500 points

Chokato- 400 points

Pink Lemonish Thing -350 points

Pink Pearish Thing-300 points

Pinanna - 250 points

Teal Juppie- 200 points

Potato- 150 points

Turnip-100 points

Of course, getting an item worth 3000-5000 points is less common, and if you see one of them appear, you should go out of your way to get it. Usually I don't make much of an effort to go get anything worth less than about 500 points, but if it is near you, by all means, grab it! The food items will disappear after about 7 seconds, so don't go chasing after turnips that are in the opposite corner.


-If you fall through a hole at the bottom of the screen, you will come out the top and fall until you hit something solid. This is handy as it saves time, but make sure you don't land on a bad guy when you fall from the top. Also, any of the bad guys who will walk off of edges (Chias and Kacheeks) can do this also, so be careful not to have one of them fall onto you!

-For some reason, if you fall off a ledge about halfway up the screen or higher and then press the up arrow key as you fall, you will go through the ground and come out at the top as if there was a hole in the ground. It's kinda cool. Give it a try some time.

-Pressing the space bar and the up or down key will transport you to the platform above or below you. I use this so much that I hardly even use ladders unless I have to. (This won't work if there is no platform directly above you or below you.)

-After you have squished all the enemies in a level, you get four or five seconds before you advance to the next level. Use this time to collect any food items that may still be lying around. This does not apply to the last level of each stage (except for level six, because you usually have to wait for the dark faerie to attack you one last time before the level ends).

-Sometimes you can shrink a bad guy through a wall. It doesn't always work, but it is sometimes a big help in the later levels.

-I generally spend most of my time with the space bar held down. That way you're always ready to shrink a baddie, and you can teleport up and down quickly. I love to run at a group of baddies with my wand waving. It's really satisfying.

-I still cannot figure out the pattern of scoring for squishing the baddies. It seems like the first enemy of a certain type that you squish in each level is worth 100 points. From there on, I can't tell if there's any sort of system to the scoring. Some of them will only get you 100 points, while some will get you 400-700 points, maybe more. I have no idea why. Sorry.

-With a payoff of 0.2 neopoints per point you score in the game, you need a score of 50,000 points or more to get 1000 neopoints. It sounds like a lot, but it's easy once you get the hang of it!

Now go off and play the game!

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