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Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read this. There seems to be a glitch with the changes you made. I tried to see my Neopet's page (the one with all of the stats) and a message popped up saying my Neopet didn't exist! I tried a few other Pet pages, only to get the same results. Is this a glitch in the new (and pretty cool) program update? Thanks! ~coral_reef_swimmer
We've seen a number of these reports, but no one in the office is able to replicate the bug. So it was either fixed with a recent update to Neopet lookups that went up, or we're just not understanding the bug exactly. :) None of the bug reports in the system provide any more information than you have, so we're not sure what the case is. If anyone is still getting this, provide URLs of where you were and the page with the error, tell us what Neopet you clicked on, what browser you're using... anything you think could help us figure out what's happening. Thanks!

I was playing Coconut Shy today (in a desperate attempt to get the avatar) and, after a while, I was rewarded with the pixilated wonder. I then continued playing. However, a while later, the Quiggle said that I've "had [my] lot of throws today." But, exactly how many throws is my lot? I didn't even know that there was a limit! P.S. Congrats on all your hard work on the new Neopets paying off! It looks wonderful! ~superscreamer1992
Well, one of us had to take one for the team and play Coconut Shy to count the number of throws. (A programmer could have looked at the code, but that's too easy.) The results? There is a limit of 20 throws per day for Coconut Shy. This is probably a good thing, since the incessant giggling of that Quiggle could cause some severe mental distress over longer periods of time. (And no, our brave volunteer didn't get the avatar. ;_;)


Hi there! Would it be possible for you to add the Inventory under the drop bar for Shops? I tend to get a lot of items from places and things, and I do not want to get them stolen by the Pant Devil. If you can, thanks, and if you can't, I understand. Thanks anyway! ~_theusername_
Nice username! Actually, you can get to your inventory page super quick by simply clicking your Neopoint display in the upper right hand corner of the screen. That still hasn't changed with the updated layout. :)

The recent editorial *claimed* that the new color-related clothing items would never appear in shops. Yet, right on the main page of the site in the "module" listing new items in shops are the very items that you *just* claimed wouldn't be in shops. So why the lie? ~vulpisfoxfire
As we said in that very same editorial, we are human and are prone to mistakes just like you are. Our making a mistake is just that, a mistake. It does not mean we've intentionally tried to deceive you.

However, we think you may just be confused in this instance. ;) The item module on the homepage is listing any new items, regardless of whether or not they're sold in shops. (This can include Random Event items such as Paint Brushes, activity prizes such as the ones you get from spinning the Fruit Machine, and any other items that aren't sold in shops.) There's no link on that module suggesting that they are sold in shops, so we're sorry for any confusion. Perhaps you got it mixed up with the news page module of items that are "New in Shops?"

The new layout is slowing growing on me. I'm starting to find my way around a bit better and discovering new things... like the Daily Puzzle (great idea!). I am saddened, however, that the Whee! avatar I should have received for (patiently) waiting for Tycoon, my Plushie Snowbunny, to reach the ripe old age of 365 days... well, it was not awarded! :( I checked my pet's lookup again and again... but no avatar. Could you please check into getting those pet lookup avatars activated again? Thanks for your consideration. ~tararhiannon
Aye, sorry about that. This was fixed a few days ago and the avatars should be working again. Try your pet lookup again and you should have an avatar waiting for you!

Is that the only reason you kept me for so long?!?

Hey TNT, I'm confused. I like the new layout and all but now I can't find the help section. Where is it? ~zsoldier22299
You can now get to the Help Page by going to the bottom of any page. It is to the right of the others links such as privacy policy, safety tips, etc.

I like how you guys changed the color of the boards to match out site themes. Do you plan on doing the same thing with Neomail, too? The Neopets yellow doesn't quite match my Cyodrake's Gaze theme. ;o ~suprmario451
Indeed. :) There will be many areas of the site updated to match site themes, including Neomail. These are slow going as we're often taking the opportunity to rewrite back-end code on those pages while we're there (especially older pages like Neomail), but we'll eventually get around to all of them!

Hi TNT! You guys are cooler than telepathic Meepits with Slorgs to ride on! That is, if they existed... (*shifty eyes*). Anyway, I want to create a board, but there doesn't seem to be any link to do so. How do you create a board? Thanks! P.S. Okay, I couldn't resist the masses... YOU GUYS ROCK!!! ~fatum376
The link for a new topic is in the upper right hand corner of the board page, just under the clock!

By the way, sorry for all the "where is..." questions this week; we've gotten lots of questions like this from players still settling in to the new layout, which is totally understandable. We truly hope these responses are useful to a good number of you, and if not... sorry. :X We can only answer what's asked!

Well, when I first saw the layout I was like, "OMG! I HATE IT!" but no more. I've gotten used to it, and I have to say: good job, TNT! Your hard work is very much appreciated. Now, I have a question regarding the current plot. In the BD, will the Ravenous Monster and any other monsters being fought stay throughout the whole plot? Or, after so long, will you not be able to fight them? Also, in the ToW some people were not able to participate in digging and whatnot for various reasons, which affected their score. If there happens to be another part of this plot that will no longer be available down the road (like digging in the ToW), could you possibly put in the news or SOMEWHERE how long that part of the plot WILL be available? That way, some of us can set time aside to do it. Thank you! :) ~_mythinasya_
The short answer is... no. :)

The long answer is that one of the main challenges of a plot is being prepared to take action when the opportunity arises. Telling you how long things will last defeats the purpose! Instead, we have a system of "base points" that everyone is entitled to when completing a plot, and then an added bonus system designed specifically for the insanely dedicated plot-goer.

We won't give away all our secrets, but there are times when we have no control over how long a plot step will last, or how many players will be able to participate before it's over. In those cases, especially for steps we can't leave open for players to complete at their leisure, we don't count participation toward the final score. Rewards for these steps are given in other ways, and again, these steps are designed specifically for those hardcore players. There are a good number of users who will stay online all day and wait for a new plot step. They've done the previous steps and are ready to move on. We don't want to leave them hanging while users who haven't logged in for three days try to catch up. ;)

So, during a plot, check back as often as you can because you never know what will happen. If you're not able to check in for a few days, that's perfectly fine! The major steps will be here waiting for you and you can still participate to earn points.

Hey TNT, I just wanted to ask -- are you going to draw sad, angry, beaten, hit, and other emotions on Neopets' faces? Because, when you win (or even lose) at any game or something now, the Neopets don't change their face at all! By the way, I know you want your artists alive, it's just that my Poogle keep looking at me like this: =D . Anyway... *loves the new layout*! ~my_dark_dream
Like we said, we're not done. ;) Emotions are coming, though they will not have alternate poses like they used to (again, because of the need to keep Neopets in the same pose) and the emotions themselves will be a slightly different set than the ones you mentioned. They are just taking a while to complete... 4 emotions x 2 genders x 54 species x... well, you get the idea. We'll provide more information in New Features when this is released!

Personally, I really like the new layout and everything. Yes, it took some getting used to; I had a bit of trouble finding some things, but most have been found by now. One thing I really did like about the old layout, though, was the link to the Stock Market on the home page. I have remedied the difficulty in finding the Stock Market (going to games, searching for Stock Market) by adding it to my favourite games. But, do you think you could put a link to it on the home page again? Please? ~igloolik
Way ahead of you! If you check out the main page (you can get there quickly by clicking the Neopets logo in the upper left hand corner) you'll notice that Neodaq Index status is now a link! We noticed a lot of people having difficulty getting to that area, so we decided to make your Neo-life a bit easier in that regard and changed it a couple days ago. :) You can also get to the Stock Market (and the Battledome) via the Games Room.

Umm... could I get one of those fancy redraws? PLEASE?

I have a Neopet that I take to the Lab Ray every day. Right now he's a Faerie Bruce, but he was a Gold Bruce when the customisation process started. After he was zapped and turned Faerie, I found that I had the Gold Bruce Bowtie in my customise inventory. Is this a glitch or will I get to keep the bowtie? Also, what happens to the bowtie if my Neopet gets zapped into a different species? Just wondering... by the way, I'm loving the option to customise! ~penny1978
Nope, that's not a glitch! Any colour your Neopet gets zapped (or painted) into that has a clothing item associated with it, you get to keep. If your Neopet is zapped into a different species, the items will be removed from your Neopet but they will remain in your closet to use in the future (in case you ever have another Neopet of that species).

Okay, I just want to know how to enter the PPL (Petpet Protection League), or is that something you just automatically get? Thanks. ~gymnasium_girl
If your Petpet qualifies for getting you a PPL trophy it will automatically be credited to your account. You don't need to enter or sign up anywhere.

Haha! That's already on our list. Seriously. We have a big list of items we want to do immediately and that's near the top.

Of course, we don't allow discussion of underwear on the boards (for good reason) and that would make it impossible to discuss such an item, so it will probably never get made. Man, that takes the fun out of stuff, huh? :(

May we take parts off of our new User Lookups or cover over them? For instance, the Neohome section. I do not furnish my Neohome and don't want it prominently displayed on my lookup. Would it be against the rules to cover or remove that box? ~royalpain33
As we said last week, what you can and can't do in User Lookups is currently being debated, and we're looking at the lookups of a lot of the talented folks that have already figured out the new code to see what they've done. We're currently leaning toward allowing the Neohome and Shop & Gallery modules to be removed while everything else must stay in some form. We'll make an official announcement in New Features when the rules are decided, and we'll update the "My Profile" page (where you edit your User Lookup) to also list what you can and can't cover so everyone knows the deal.

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