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Getting Ready for Your Christmas Party

by kyliejy


In this article, you will discover 5 awesome ways to decorate your Neohome for that fun, gift-giving, favorite holiday's party. Yup, you guessed it! Christmas. This guide will help you to beat those pesky neighbors who always try to outdo you with everything!! I'll tell you some ways to throw the best Christmas party EVER!! Read on!

1. First of all, you will definitely need to buy some Christmas Furniture, like Christmas Spardel Painting, Roaring Log Fire, Jinjah Rug, and of course, Gigantic Decorated Christmas Tree!

You can hang up the painting on your wall because it's SO cute, and it'll make a fine decoration to any room. All of your guests will say, "Wow! That painting is fantastic!! Where'd you get it from? I should get one of those!" Then you can tell them the intriguing and exciting story about how you went all the way to Terror Mountain and fought the Snowager just for the prized painting (or make up a story since you actually bought it from the Trading Post).

You can and should have a Roaring Log Fire in every room in your Neohome, so that your guests can keep warm and toasty all the time. It provides a great fire, and is safe for those young Neopets. The Log Fires have screens so that none of the sparks can fly out and hit anyone. They are very reliable, so they can be kept without anyone being in the room. The Roaring Log Fires aren't very expensive, so you can buy a few of them if you have a lot of rooms.

The Jinjah Rug is just made of the best quality and is so soft when your guests will step onto it. You can put one or two of these by the entrances to your Neohome so that when your guests take their first step in, they'll be excited about your party already.

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas tree! You can put it in the middle of the room that's most important so everyone can see your unique and creative decorating skills (or of course your Neopets'). There are lots of possibilities of Christmas trees. You can actually buy a Christmas tree, or just buy any old tree and decorate it. If you get a regular tree and decorate it, your guests will know you are unique and have other ideas besides the old fashioned and traditional ways. If you do decide to do that, however, I may recommend that you put your tree out in a garden, if you don't have the intention to take the time to put the tree in a pot.

2. Decoration ideas in #1 were just for the interior of your Neohome's furniture. Now we'll talk about the exterior. You sure need to make it so that your guests can spot your house when you invite them over. I recommend that you use a String of Lights or two... Or a hundred. Just kidding! Put however many you'd like, but don't overdo it! You can hang all of those lights all around the house! It'll be very bright and merry looking! You may consider putting up extra-bright lights on the side of your Neohome that your pesky neighbors are on. I found that many find it annoying, especially when they go to sleep, if all the lights are shining in their face. I am a mastermind, aren't I?

You should also use some gnomes to decorate your front lawn. Some gnomes are Snow Bruce Gnome, Seasonal Shoyru Gnome, and Snow Mynci Gnome. Those are cute as well and will be very decorative. The gnomes will add a seasonal touch, and be admired by the little ones.

3. Okay, now you have your basic decorations for your Christmas Party. Next, you need to make those little things that you'll put around the house. You might put some Christmas themed books around so your guests can read while sitting near the fire. Some books you might use are Seasonal Faerie Tales, A Seasonal Pea, A Warm Christmas, A Faerie Christmas (my favorite), and much, much more. You would probably put Christmas themed books, so that it's with the holidays. You could also put out your Stamp Album turned to the Snowy Valley page (If you happen to have stamps in there). Your guests will have a grand time looking through your collections. Other ideas are Christmas Neopet Plushies, Christmas Neggs, Snow globes, and even Petpets that are painted Christmas! Make sure that the Petpets are well trained and also tamed. You wouldn't want one of the Petpets attacking your guests, now would you? That surely would make your reputation look bad, and then you might have to pay for medical bills.

4. Now, a party wouldn't be a party without food, now would it? I would recommend that you serve some Mixed Green Salad as an appetizer, maybe Chicken with Vegetables for a main course, and Chocolate Seasonal Pudding as dessert. Of course, your party menu may vary, depending on your budget. You can also have some snacks set up throughout the party, so your guests won't get too hungry before dinner. You can put up a little table with some light snacks on it. Some snacks you may put out are Carnapepper Finger Sandwiches, Sparkling Grape Juice, and other snacks. You might even set up the meal in one of your gardens, especially if you plan to put your Christmas tree there. It'll be amazing if you decide to do that. You'll have all those lights on, and it'll be under the moon with a lot of stars. That would probably be what I would choose to do for my party.

5. Before your guests leave, you may consider giving them goody bags. It'll be a fun way for them to remember your party and how great it was. You can put candies, little Christmas toys, plushies, and a thank you note in them. Candy canes would be the most obvious choice to put in the goody bags! Other candies you might put in there are small chocolates and little gummies. You probably would only put toys in the little kids' bags, since the others would probably have no use for them. You could put a little thank you note saying, 'Thank you so much for coming to my party! I hope you enjoyed it. Merry Christmas! Love, (your name)'.

Now that I've given you some basic tips on how to prepare for your Christmas party, get to it!! Start decorating, sending out invitations, and planning!! Merry Christmas!

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