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Cheaply Spreading The Cheer

by evilbluemunkeyz


As the holiday season rolls around, many Neopians are beginning to wonder what exactly to surprise that list of Neofriends with. One of those Neopians happens to be Johnny. Now, Johnny is a dedicated player like most out there, but he just didn't know how exactly to save his Neopoints throughout the year. As he looked into his bank account, he saw he only had about 250,000 Neopoints saved up and 20 gifts to buy! He wasn't sure exactly what to do, but of course he found this guide. The guide to buying perfect holiday gifts for your friends without cutting a hole in your pocket.

Abominable Snowball - Approx. Price = 1,500 NP

For some of those young souls of Neopia, an Abominable Snowball is the perfect present. It gives the user time to adjust to having a petpet and learn how to take care of it before spending thousands upon thousands of Neopoints on a priceless one. This gift is especially useful to users who are just waiting to let Turmaculus take a huge bite while trying to receive that ultra poet's hat!

Super Snow Tiger Egg - Approx. Price = 6,000 NP

For your bored Neofriends a Super Snow Tiger Egg is the gift to keep them entertained for the entire year. Watch and laugh as they try to uncover how exactly to hatch the egg, thinking that there really is a snow tiger inside. Just don't let them know even if they try to play mother hen, tigers don't lay eggs.

Snow Blumaroo - Approx. Price = 1,500 NP

A Snow Blumaroo is for that lazy Neopian who wants to get into the spirit of the holidays but just doesn't feel like trotting around in the snow to build a snowman. Now they can liven up the yards in front of their Neohomes with this one of a kind snow Blumaroo.

Snow Faerie Snowglobe - Approx. Price = 2,000 NP

Snowglobes can get fairly expensive these days but you're in luck! For the Neofriends who love to coat their galleries in memorabilia, get them this Snow Faerie Snowglobe. It is sure to catch the eye of anybody gazing in a gallery and bring a smile to your Neofriend's face.

Frosty Snowman Stamp - Approx. Price = 6,500 NP

All hail those mighty stamp collectors! Brighten the life of one of your stamp collecting friends by handing over a Frosty Snowman Stamp. See their faces liven as they lick the back of the stamp to place it neatly and carefully into its position in their albums.

Snow Wars Collectable Card - Approx. Price = 3,500 NP

Not all people are stamp collectors but instead head onto collectable cards. The Snow Wars Collectable Card would be perfect to add to any Neofriend's deck to show off saying they've got the card that everyone else is wishing for - and guess what! You were the Neofriend to give it to them. Kudos for you.

Snow Petpet Paint Brush - Approx. Price = 20,000 NP

But perhaps you're like Johnny and you know what you really want to give your Neofriend is that 600,000 NP Baby Paint Brush. You might not have that sort of Neopoints either, so instead give away this Snow Petpet Paint Brush! It'll help celebrate the season as one petpet gets a nice chilly makeover.

Wind Up Snowbunny - Approx. Price = 5,000 NP

Younger siblings are always the hardest to shop for, but not this year! This year a Wind Up Snowbunny is the best route to follow. It'll keep them entertained and away from your feet for the entire year, and when next year rolls around, just get them the next item in the set.

Ice Snowflake Sculpture - Approx. Price = 20,000 NP

Any gardeners out there might just want to start hinting to their Neofriends that what they want is an Ice Snowflake Sculpture. It catches the rays of light during the winter to create a masterpiece throughout your front yard, especially when snow has fallen to the ground.

Frozen Snowflake Coin - Approx. Price = 6,500 NP

All those collections out there! A Neofriend's coin album might just be getting a tad bit dusty so why not buy them a Frozen Snowflake Coin? It's sure to bring life to their album; just make sure not to put this coin around too much heat. It is frozen, you know.

Snow Usul Plushie - Approx. Price = 1,300 NP

Does your Neofriend just need something to snuggle up to? If so, a Snow Usul Plushie is a great way to go. An awesome display for during the day and a great plushie to sleep with at night, especially for the children who have issues with nightmares.

Snow Bruce Music Box - Approx. Price = 4,500 NP

Liven the heart of a musician. Grab a Snow Bruce Music Box before they're all gone. The melodies are great to help fall asleep to and will keep you sleeping through the night. No need for that expensive medication anymore!

Snowbeast Costume - Approx. Price = 7,000 NP

Halloween isn't the only time for a costume! This year surprise the youngster with a Snowbeast Costume. This costume will last him the entire year and also will help him win that Halloween costume contest in about 10 months.

Snowberry Biscuits - Approx. Price = 2,500 NP

Who doesn't like to wake up to the smell of homemade Snowberry Biscuits? With being inexpensive to make, any Neofriend will love how much time and effort you put into making this delicious delight!

Chia Holiday Greeting Card - Approx. Price = 10,000 NP

Need just a simple way to show a Neofriend how much you care? If simplicity is the key, trying handing out a Chia Holiday Greeting Card.

Holiday Milk and Cookies - Approx. Price = 2,000 NP

Does one of your friends remind you of that great big fellow? If they do try giving them some Holiday Milk and Cookies. This set is guaranteed to fill anyone's stomach and help gain strong bones with enough calcium to go around.

Ice Ring - Approx. Price = 12,000 NP

Have that special Neofriend which seems the hardest to buy for? Surprise him or her with this ice ring, smoothly carved out as to not cause any sudden scratches. A diamond may last forever, but who wants a diamond when you can have this ice ring for such a great price?

Ice Caves Jacket - Approx. Price = 2,500 NP

As winter comes, the weather starts to get colder, so why not give your Neofriend some heat with an Ice Caves Jacket. It comes fully lined with fur to keep out the gusts of winds that might nip at your nose. Plus the new feature, the hood, helps keeps ears from gaining frost bite and falling off.

Flotsam Ice Shell - Approx. Price = 10,000 NP

Look at this lovely piece of jewelry... just remember those this Flotsam Ice Shell's charm only works for Flotsams but it's great for any Neopet.

Snuffly - Approx. Price = 6,500 NP

Last but not least, we can't forget a Snuffly. A Snuffly is the perfect pet for any of your Neofriend, no matter what their age might be, and look at the bright side; it's just as great as a Krawk but for less than 10,000 Neopoints!

At the end of the day after Johnny finished buying gifts for all 20 of his Neofriends he took another glance into his bank account and was amazed to see what he found. Even after buying all this great gifts he knew his Neofriends would adore he was still left with a nice amount of Neopoints. Johnny was left with approximately 119,000 NP. It just shows you, a bit of smart buying lets holiday cheer spread around Neopia cheaply.

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