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The Sixth Annual Neopies

Neopia's favourite awards ceremony is back, and this year the Neopies have more categories than ever! Vote for your favourites and give Neopia your opinion. Prizes are awarded for taking part, so don't miss out. Your vote counts!

Best Site Event

Obelisk War
Altador Cup
Daily Dare
Spooky Food Eating Contest

Best News Day

Lawyerbot Day
Tyrannian Victory Day
Artists Take the Day Off
Faerie Festival

Best Species Specific Wearable

Chomby Warrior
Extravagant Krawk
Dangerous Kyrii
Punk Techo

Best Premium Collectible Item

Taelia Handheld Plushie
Opalescent Wig
Peaceful Water Fountain
Spiky Black Lace Cape

Best New Neopet Colour

Camouflage Lenny
Mutant Poogle
Relic Korbat
Woodland Ruki

Best Hair


Best Revamps

Tyrannia Map
Spotlights Page
Money Tree

Best Mystery Capsule

6th Birthday Mystery Capsule
Perfectly Pastel Mystery Capsule
Discovery of Wobbleshire Mystery Capsule
Living Nightmares Mystery Capsule

Best New Avatar

Monster Hunting
Battleground: Awakened
Snow Roller

Best Neopoint Wearable

Runes of the Obelisk
Fyoras Eyeshadow
Glowing Spell Runes Foreground

Best NC Accompaniment

Honest Pete
Fanatic's Museum
Chef Julien's Backstage Tasting Kitchen
Perilous Catacombs Runic Doors

Best Heard Around The Office

Mr. Insane
DJ Skellington

Best Neopoint Item

Turkey Monster
Success Pending Hopping Hasee Toy
Unconverted Apple
Marshmallow Plumpy

Best Advent Animation

Day 1 - Sandcastles
Day 19 - Underwater Christmas Tree
Day 22 - Kell and Corbin
Day 23 - Fuzzle Present

Best NC Mall Wearable

MiniMME13-S1: Gothic Summer Waistcoat
Mint and Aqua Flower Wig
Forgotten Faerie Grove Background
Unsettling Reflection Foreground

Best New Petpet

Tamed Mini-Monster

Best Background

Scenic Tyrannian Background
Secluded Bench Background
Temple of 1000 Tombs Interior Background
Lawyerbots Number One Fan Background

Best New Battledome Challenger

The Duchess
Smug Philosopher
Lanie and Lillie

Best Caption Image

1313 - Rrrroooooowr!
1308 - Defenders in Training
1297 - Showdown at the Obelisk
1300 - Fighting in Style
That's All, Folks! Thanks for taking part in the sixth annual Neopies! This year's voting has come to an end. You spoke, and Neopia listened. Try not to go mad with power, please.