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The Fifth Annual Neopies
Welcome to this year’s edition of the Neopies Award Ceremony! The time has come to honour the best (and worst) achievements of Year 14. As members of the voting public, you may vote for your favourites in each category. Vote early and often; the winners are up to you!

The voting for this year's Neopies has ended and the winners have been announced. Good job, everyone! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to training my army of giant mutant Pinchits... wait, did I just say that out loud?
Best Heard Around The Office
Winner Announced
Kid Hawk
Mr. Insane
Viola/DJ Skellington
Best Revamp
Winner Announced
Games Room Revamp
Battledome Revamp
Dailies Revamp
Roo Island Revamp
Best Caption Images
Winner Announced
Caption #1247
Caption #1258
Caption #1256
Caption #1268
Best NC Mall Wearable
Winner Announced
Midnight Frost Background
Mystical Genie Trousers
Shell Coif Wig
Nurse Lucy Skeleton
Best New Neopet Colour
Winner Announced
Robot Bruce
Wraith Techo
Maraquan Tonu
Mutant Lutari
Best News Day
Winner Announced
Wraith Day
12 April (REAL Negg Faerie dialogue)
Annual Chocolate Ball
10 Year Anniversary of Discovery of Meridell
Best New Paint Brush
Winner Announced
Elderly - Get Off My Lawn Paint Brush
Stealthy - Stealth Paint Brush
Dimensional - Dimensional Paint Brush
Eventide - Eventide Paint Brush
Best NC Mall Mystery Capsule
Winner Announced
Haunted Asylum Mystery Capsule
Tale of Woe Mystery Capsule
Shining Star Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Spring Garden Mystery Capsule
Best Species Specific Wearable
Winner Announced
Festive Bori
Fantastic Ixi
Programmer Grundo
Arid Ruki
Best New Avatar
Winner Announced
Assignment 53
Best NC Mall Collectable Item
Winner Announced
Illusens Collectors Contacts
Fyoras Collectors Dress
Hansos Collectors Wig
Moltara Foreman Collectors Wings
Best Neopoint Wearable
Winner Announced
Spooky foreground
Shenkuu Doors
Misty Shenkuu Background
Translucent Pink Wings
Best Neopoint Item
Winner Announced
Unidentified Petpetpet
Snow Naleap
Wrawk the Merciless Plushie
Frozen Cyodrake Shield
Let Us Never Speak of This Again
Winner Announced
April Fools' Lab Ray
Lenny Conundrum
Neggbreaker Error
Best NC Accompaniment
Winner Announced
Festival of Neggs
Daily Dare
Battledome: NC Claw
Games Master Challenge
Best Site Event
Winner Announced
Altador Cup
Daily Dare
Masks of Dread
Festival of Neggs
Best New BD Challenger
Winner Announced
S750 Kreludan Defender Robot
Neopets V2
Giant Spectral Mutant Walein