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Neopedia : Kauvara, Magic Shopkeeper

Name : Kauvara
Species : Kau
Age : She doesnt like to say!
Occupation : Owner of the Neopian Magic Shop
Hopes to be : A magician!

Kauvara took over the running of the Neopian Magic Shop when the old owner left under mysterious circumstances... apparently word had got around that he was selling fake items - they werent magical at all! The shop had been in her family for generations, passed down from Kau to Kau, until it came to Kauvara... she didnt want to work in a shop, she wanted to be a magician just like her uncle Klum. So when Kauvara went away her father had to hire help to run the family business.

Kauvara had been studying magical brewing at the tower of the Light Faerie for a couple of weeks, it was her dream come true. One day when her dad sent her a neomessage telling her that she should return straight away, and to stop dreaming about something that was never going to happen. He said she should return and look after the shop.

In the month of Sleeping, Kauvara packed up her bags and began the long trot back to Neopia Central, leaving the academy behind. Oh well, she sighed, who wanted fun and excitement anyway. She was sure, however, that this was only the start of her adventure...