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Neopedia : Soup Kitchen

Location : Neopian Marketplace
Eligibility : To eat you must be poor
Bowls served per day : 584,390
Cooks : The one and only Soup Faerie

The poor, famished, and bony pets of Neopia wait for days to try and fill their empty stomachs with the kind Soup Faerie's hot soup. It's not odd to see a line of starving pets stretched about along the dirt paths of the Marketplace because the aroma from the Soup Kitchen brings hope. And when the hunger strikes, making a pet's stomach ache loudly, an owner may notice that their bank account is dry because the Neopian inflation is higher than the clouds in Faerieland, leaving them no other choice but to make their pets wait in line while they go out and try to make a few NPs.

After a few hours, sometimes even days, a Pet will finally make it up to the entrance with a big smile. Once inside, they are given a clean bowl and wooden spoon, and are quickly ushered into another line where at the end the Soup Faerie, herself, stands behind a hot cauldron, endlessly filling the bowls with her famous soup. Though it's nothing fancy, it's free, and no pet has ever dared to complain or reject the charity of the Soup Faerie. That wouldn't be too smart since she is very good friends with the Faerie Queen. And for the Pets that have it real bad, well, they are given a warm bed until they are ready to brave Neopia.

Yes, the Soup Kitchen is dedicated to helping stone-broke Owners and their skinny Neopets break the cycle of poverty and starvation, and it's also a place for Pets and Owners to come together with the Soup Faerie and give a helping hand or paw or wing or hoof to other Neopets in need. That's what it's all about. Just remember that if you don't have many Neopoints, you can always come to the Soup Kitchen to get free food for your pets.

**The Soup Kitchen is kept running by donations from the Money Tree, so make sure that when you win the Neopian Lottery, or when your stocks go sky high, and finally you become a sucessful Neopian, please remember all the hungry pets out there and help the Soup Kitchen stay open.