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Neopedia : The Neopies

Neopies trophyWhat: Only the coolest awards event in all of Neopia!
Where: An undisclosed elite location somewhere in Neopia Central
When: The month of Sleeping (What else did you have planned?)
Since when?: First held in honour of Y10
Are the Neopies made of real gold?: Yes
What's in it for me?: The chance to grace your peers with your opinion

The Neopies have the honour of being Neopia's most prestigious general awards ceremony -- well, all right, the Neopies are also Neopia's ONLY general awards ceremony. Sports competitions notwithstanding, where else can you see the most popular Neopians all in one room?! Then there's the gossip, the glamour, the outstanding appetisers... it's not an event to be missed.

Let's break it down so you're ready. After all, you don't want to be stuck watering your lawn ornaments when you should be cheering for your favourites on the big night.

The chosen elite, from which the really elite will be chosen. This is the "in" crowd. We're talking celebrities like Abigail (Y11), Commander Gormos (Y10), and the Gift Mystery Capsule (Y10). Big names, folks. The nominees are chosen by a super secret committee known only as The Nomination Team.

What's a competition without something to compete for? (And you thought this was just a ceremony.) Every attendee's mission is to choose the nominee in each category that most deserves ultimate power and world domination. Vote early and often. It's rumoured that attendees receive prizes for participating.

Neopies Host Winners
After the attendees have had a chance to vote, tallies are made, and the host announces the winners. Confetti usually erupts at this point, filling the room with a sea of sparkly coloured paper. Sticking around for the acceptance speeches is optional. In Y11, the Royal Boy Kacheek's acceptance speech lasted six hours, with armed guards blocking the exits. Your choice.

Wait, who is this guy?
The host of the Neopies is none other than Ellsworth. An Elephante with exquisite taste in suits, he's reputed to have a fondness for Juppieswirl Bonbons. He would like to state that bribing him for a ticket to the Neopies is not necessary, as admission is free, but that small donations of bonbons might result in your being allowed backstage. You didn't hear it from him, though.