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Neopedia : Moss Tullerby

Moss Tullerby Name: Moss Tullerby
Gender: Male
Species: Lenny
Colour: Red
Age: 17
Founder and president of: The Neopian Conservation Society
Favourite colour: Gold
Table manners: Distressing
Quote: "Once something is gone, you can't get it back again. That's why we should work to keep the treasures we have."
Favourite Wheel: Probably either the Wheel of Excitement or the Wheel of Monotony, but possibly also the Wheel of Misfortune, the Wheel of Mediocrity, and the Wheel of Knowledge.

Famous both for putting the Neopian Conservation Society on the map and for raising over 12,000,000,000 NP for his favourite cause, saving the Wheels of Neopia, Moss Tullerby is surprisingly unwilling to talk about himself. "It was never about me," he claimed recently in a Neopian Times interview. "I just wanted to make a difference in Neopia."

And what a difference he's made. For years, the Wheels of Neopia have weathered millions of customers, overexcited winners, and destructively angry losers. The paint was getting chipped, the gears in the back were starting to squeak, and it's rumoured that a colony of Flankins had plans to take up residence in one of the Wheels in Tyrannia. Yet no one stepped forward to do anything about the situation. No one, that is, except Moss Tullerby.

Moss with the Wheel of Knowledge Moss says he had never considered becoming a professional historian or curator, but when he stepped up to the Wheel of Monotony one foggy morning, he found himself wondering whether a renovation might improve his spin time. When a conversation with the Quiggle who ran the Wheel proved unenlightening, Moss hit the royal library in Faerieland -- the best source of magical knowledge in Neopia. Moss spent three months researching the original production of each of the Wheels, reading the letters their creators exchanged, and copying old schematics and blueprints.

Moss went to the far corners of Neopia to contact some of the best wizards in the business and beg them to help out. They told him no, because the cost of materials was just too high. Moss promptly paid for the Wheel of Knowledge repairs through his own funds.

Once the repairs were completed for the Wheel of Knowledge, though, Moss was completely broke. He knew that he'd have to find another way. Fortunately, the Lenny had an idea: donations from all across Neopia. "If you won't do it for me," Moss asked Neopians everywhere, "at least do it for the Neopian Conservation Society." And so a new charitable organization was born.

The rest is history. Thanks to the generous donations of kind Neopians across the globe and beyond, all five Wheels have been spruced up, given fancy new magical mechanisms, and polished to a mirror finish. 12,000,000,000 NP buys a lot of varnish, after all. As for the source of the prizes for the Save the Wheels campaign, Moss refuses to disclose his suppliers. "That's like knowing how the Wheel chooses your prize. You don't want to know that. It would ruin the fun."