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Neopedia : Tyrannian Weapon Shop Owner

He was once a young Kougra, a skinny Kougra who never got much bigger, no matter how much he exercised or trained. He was always thin and lanky, always on the losing side of a fight. Some attributed it to bad luck, others to the fact that he really didn't like to fight. Whatever the reason may have been, he was tired of getting picked on by bullies, so he decided to do something about it.

This is where the story gets a little complicated, because nobody really agrees on what happened next. Some say he went to a fire faerie, asked for her blessing, and got more than he bargained for. Others believe he went to the Tyrannian Volcano and asked the spirit of the fiery mountain for help. Perhaps he went deep into the jungle and found a hidden Kougra totem, brought it fruits and vegetables, slept there for seven days, and at the end of his long ordeal, was given the gift of fire. Heh, who knows? What we do know is what happened when he returned from wherever it was he went.

When he returned to his home village, everyone's eyes were wide. Wherever he stepped, a trail of burning footprints followed. A black cloud slowly curled between his teeth as he growled. His eyes blazed in the dark, his claws gleamed, and his tail was like a whip of living fire. He stepped over to the bullies who picked on him week after week. The conflict that followed was quick and final - they never picked a fight with him again. In fact, nobody ever picked a fight with him again.

Many years later, he's become a successful shop owner in Tyrannia, selling stone and fire items to those who want a bit of an edge during those long expeditions out in the Tyrannian Jungle. Only newcomers ask about his flaming aura - the natives know better than to ask - but those who do get nothing more than a smoky smile and a fiery wink for an answer.