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Neopedia : Suteks Tomb

The young Geb looked at the lock, his face beaming with pride. With hands on hips and a bag with his plans slung over one shoulder, his smile was as bright as the sun.

Just behind him, another Geb stepped up. This one was older - much older. He walked with a cane, and his long beard flowed down below his knees. The elder Geb's eyes blinked in the bright light.

The first Geb turned, hearing his approach. When he saw the old Geb behind him, he bowed low. "All praise Mighty Sutek," he said. "Hero of the people, king of the lands, general of her armies, sovereign of the..."

Sutek smiled and waved his hand. "Don't do that, Donkor," he said. "You're embarrassing me."

Donkor recovered from his bow and turned to face the Gebmid, standing alongside Sutek. "It is finished," Donkor said. "All your treasures, all your secrets. They will be guarded behind the most sophisticated traps ever designed. Even if tomb robbers were to get beyond the traps... the lock would stop them cold."

Sutek patted Donkor on the shoulder. "I don't doubt you for a moment, my young friend."

Donkor nodded. "It was my honour."

Sutek turned from the Gebmid. "Come with me, then, Donkor. Come with me and enjoy the treasures of my dining table!"

Donkor laughed. "As you command, Mighty Sutek, hero of the people, king of the lands, general of her armies, sovereign of the..."

Sutek's laughter joined in chorus. "I told you to stop that."

* * *

After Neopian archaeologists uncovered Sutek's Tomb, a horde of theories and speculations surfaced about "the lost Geb culture."

"Someone built the Gebmids," Sarina Salen, the world famous Aisha archaeologist said. "And I'm going to find out who did it." Even now she's down in the Tomb puzzling out the strange locks and puzzles left behind by whomever build the mysterious Gebmids.