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Neopedia : Cylara

Name: Cylara
Species: Cybunny
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Interests: Daring adventures
Quote: "Cheer up, Gorix! Try to relax once in a while."

Cylara is a young Cybunny who was separated from her family in the midst of an invasion of the Virtupets Space Station by none other than Dr. Frank Sloth's commandos. Due to a case of mistaken identity, she meets Gorix, a Grundo who is a member of a resistance group that knew this invasion would one day come. Cylara and Gorix set out to find Cylara's family, who is in the company of the scout Gorix was originally seeking.

Immediately afterwards, the Resistance strikes out at the invaders, allowing safe passage home for Cylara's family (and, presumably, Cylara). Just as she is making her escape, though, she sees her new friends wounded and in need of help. Cylara assures her parents she'll be fine and rushes to save her friends before they can stop her.

Cylara then returns to the Resistance to further aid them, and upon hearing the important intelligence brought to them by the scout, she travels with Gorix to the moon of Kreludor to unite two warring Grundo factions. After unmasking a spy in their midst that was causing most of the friction between the orange and purple Grundos, the two Neopets get a message from the Resistance detailing their next mission.

The two quickly set off for Dr. Sloth's ship, where they must find and recite a spell using the amulet of the Space Faerie, which had fallen into the villain's hands during his last attack. During the final face off against the evil mastermind, Cylara bravely stands against him and unleashes the magic of the token, trapping Dr. Sloth within it.

Upon her return to the Space Station the courageous and quick-thinking Cybunny is awarded with full membership in the Resistance, along with sincere thanks for her efforts in saving them all.