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Neopedia : Princess Sankara

Name : Princess Sankara
Species : Aisha
Age : 19
Title : Heiress to the throne of the Fourth Khonsu Dynasty
Favourite Books : Pazo the Lonely Aisha ("A story I can
really relate to.") and Sakhmet Petpets ("They're so cute!")
Quote : "I'm sure that sooner or later, my time will come."

"It seems like so long ago; I guess it's been nearly ten years," Princess Sankara said as she remembered that summer morning when she made her way to safety. "Of course I didn't want to leave my family, but we didn't have much of a choice. My father insisted that, as his only heir, it would be up to me to continue the Fourth Dynasty."

"Thinking back, I remember it now. One of the watchmen came to our door, late in the evening of the 8th Day of Relaxing. He told my father, King Sobek the Wise, that the evil King Heksas of the lower Mentu region would be arriving in a matter of hours. 'Your excellency,' the watchman said, 'there's no time to send for reinforcements. Our tiny army is doomed... you must take the royal family and go into exile.' However, my father insisted on staying. 'There's no way I'll leave my people to be slaughtered. Sankara, you must flee-- there is a wise king in Sakhmet; he will see to it that you are cared for until we are re-united. As for us, we'll stay and lead the defence of our homeland.'"

"And so, I packed my things and made my way through the dunes. It took nearly two weeks, but I finally reached the outskirts of Sakhmet. Sure enough, King Coltzan received me with great warmth and generosity. Weeks later, when we learned that my parents had been lost in the war against Heksas, King Coltzan offered me a position as a member of his court, a position that I gratefully accepted. For almost ten years, I've dreamt of leading an army into my homeland of Khamtef and defeating the evil King Heksas, but Coltzan always advised me against it, saying that I was too young. I hate to say it, but now that Princess Vyssa is going to become Queen, maybe she'll supply me with the army that I need to defeat the evil King Heksas. After all, if she's old enough to be Queen, then why aren't I old enough to lead an army?"