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Neopedia : Captain Threelegs

Captain Threelegs Name: Cap'n Threelegs
Species: Three-legged Eyrie
Nickname: Lefty
One day hopes: That all weak, defenceless Neopets one day possess the experience needed to stand up for themselves in the Battledome
Quote: "Argg, shiftless waisters! Either shape up or I'll have ye walkin' the plank!" "Aye, that reminds me of me own days as a young sprog!" Seeing the gleam in Cap'n Threelegs's eyes, his pupils at the Swashbuckling Academy knew they were in for another long-winded tale about the good old days.

"Arrg, here we go again," a young Mynci in the back of the room grumbled. "Enough with ye antiquated rimes, stripey..."

"Batten ye hatches, lad!" the Cap'n yelled from across the room, "or ye might be spendin' the evening in Room 109 with the complainers! Now, before I were so rudely interrupted, methinks I were about to tell a story... oh yes, it reminds me of the time I were a wee sprog on a barque known as the Esmeercadia. What a scurvy bunch we had; I remember like it were yesterday! The Cap'n spent half his time sick as a dog, while his buffer... arrg, that no good bilge-rat would clap ye in irons for as much as looking at him crossways!"


"So we were out on the high seas, trailing this clipper carryin' a shipment of volcano crystals to Neopia Central, and that's when we ran into a blasted storm! The waves were gettin' choppy; then I looked to the scuppers, and they were overflowing like mad! A bolt of lighting struck one of our masts, and I remember thinkin' to meself, 'Blimey, we're doomed for sure!' We fought it as long as we could, but alas, the Esmeercadia was lost... fortunately, before she sank I managed to jump into a dinghy with the first mate and a stripey named Hulverton."

"So what happened next?" the Mynci in the back of the room asked.

"Aye, I see ye came to yer senses, lad. Well, we spent close to a week on that dinghy before makin' it to Mystery Island. Once we reached land, we had those scurvy Pango natives to contend with, which I assure you were no small task. Lucky fer us, though, Hulverton had a brother who were Jack o' Coins on a brig called the Peophintine, which made a monthly stop on Mystery Island. After waiting nearly two weeks, the Peophintine showed up, and we were saved...."

After decades on the high seas, Cap'n Threelegs has finally given up his plundering ways to become head of the Swashbuckling Academy. In exchange for accepting a job with the academy, Threelegs was granted a full Act of Pardon, which cleared him of any prosecution stemming from his days pillaging abroad. Now, this elder swashbuckler is able to pass on the wisdom of the seas to a new generation of buccaneers.