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Bloomin' Neggs

Flora has returned for another springtime gardening party. Here in the greenhouse, it's time to grow some Neggs. You can grab a Planting Kit and start helping out!

Isn't this the prettiest little striped pot? I bet the Negg that grows will be striped too!
I pulled a Glyme off your plant just now. They're cute, but they'll devastate young sprouts.
You're doing a good job watering your plant! It's growing like a weed.
Almost there! I think your plant will be ready to bloom quite soon.
You did it! You took great care of your plant, and it produced a healthy striped Negg!
Arrgh, this pot is argyle! Haha, I'd make a terrible pirate. Good thing I like gardening.
Mmm, smell that? That's jasmine. I like to keep some around just for the scent.
Do you smell socks? Maybe it's the argyle Negg plant. I'm not sure I'm keen on it.
It's getting big! It should be ready to harvest as soon as the Negg blooms.
Brilliant! You've managed to grow an argyle Negg! Check that off your bucket list.
So for this plant, I thought we'd use this pot with the wavy design. *wink* You'll see why.
Looks to me like your plant is growing well. Keep checking on it, though!
Mm, it's another sunny day in the greenhouse. And that means healthy plants!
Wow, look at it go! This plant definitely had magic seeds. Tomorrow might be the big day!
I knew it! You've grown a wavy Negg from seed! Great work.
Okay, for this last one, I thought we'd go with a plaid pot. Isn't it fun?
Nice work watering. You don't want to use too much water or too little. Plants can be picky.
Look at those healthy leaves. Yup, this is a strong young plant. Let's take good care of it.
It's getting big! Looks like getting your hands dirty paid off. We should be getting a Negg soon.
Talk about saving the best for last! That's a magnificent Negg. Excellent work!