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Something is afoot in Tyrannia! You should probably log in or sign up to help figure things out.

Scanning for Buried Relics

Let others scramble with bare paws and shovels in the sun-baked dirt of Tyrannia. You've got a Tyrannian Scanoscope! And it looks like you've detected something...

You Need A Tyrannian Scanoscope!

The dirt holds treasures, but you need a Tyrannian Scanoscope to find them. Luckily, the NC Mall has them in stock! Purchase a pack and find out what's buried in the dirt...

Now To Turn It On...

You have a Tyrannian Scanoscope, but it needs to be activated for you to use it. Please visit your inventory.

Something Is Revealed!

That Tyrannian Scanoscope has paid off! Buried in the dirt, you find:

You wipe your brow and sling your new treasure into your inventory.

Scan Here?

Are you sure you want to use your Tyrannian Scanoscope to scan this patch of dirt?

A short distance from the main dig site, a team of scientists have set up a treasure-finding station. Use a scanoscope to detect a new item every day. One per day, please; we don't want to export Tyrannia's national treasures too quickly.