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Your New Balance


Welcome to my studio! I'm Loic. In my studies of colour and alchemy I discovered something amazing: a potion that can duplicate wearables! Best of all, the new item will be a random colour. There have been some marvellous results. Won't you come in and try it out?

Grand Opening!

Now that the studio is open, it's time to splash some colour around. Check this space for special promotions coming soon!

Do you have any of the items below? Rare, old NC wearables in particular have a resonance with my potion, I've found. Purchase one of my Hue Brew Potions and we'll test its effects. It should duplicate your item in a beautiful new colour. I can't wait to see what we get!



Anyone can change the colour of their fur or scales, but what if you could change the colour of your clothing, too? Thanks to my marvellous new potion, I can duplicate certain NC wearables in different colours. Come in and see!


For the magic to work, I'll need both a and an NC wearable that you already own that's also on my list. We'll be duplicating it in a new colour, so that you get back your original item and a new one.

Almost There...

You've brought me your , good! I'm certain the magic will work on it. Would you like to buy a to use on it? I have some here for sale.

All Set!

Looks like you have everything you need. With your chosen item and my , we're ready to work some magic. You can see what colours my potion might choose below. Soon, you'll have two items instead of one!

Are You Sure?

Let's make sure your order is right. I'll be applying the to your . You'll get your original item back, along with one of the colour variations below.

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Colours Available:


What fine colours! The potion actually worked -- I mean, of course it worked. Both the and the have been put in your inventory.

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