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What is a

Kacheeks are one of many different species that exist in Neopia. Fun loving, peaceful and very modest, Kacheeks are often overlooked in the world of Neopia. They may not be the loudest or the strongest species around, but their calm outlook on life has helped many Kacheeks find fame and fortune.

Kacheek - ka-cheek - Kacheeks - ka-cheeks

As well as your basic four colours, Kacheeks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes ranging from the multi-coloured Rainbow Kacheek to the elusive Robot! In order to own one of these more unusual colours you will need to find a magical paint brush or potion.

Cool Kacheek Items

As you browse through Neopia's shops you may be fortunate enough to pick up some Kacheek themed items. Here are some to be on the look out for :

Green Kacheek Plushie
The Little Kacheek Book
Oaken Kacheek Shield
Pink Kacheek Comb
Kacheek Thief (TCG)
Kacheek Armour
Blue Kacheek Figurine
Faerie Kacheek Hair Clip

Famous Kacheeks in Neopia

Eliv Thade
Deep within the Castle of Eliv Thade lives a very mysterious Kacheek who sets mind boggling puzzles for those that dare to enter his abode.

Read the Neopedia article if you want to find out more about Eliv Thade.

Kacheeks in the 'real' world

There are many pieces of Kacheek merchandise available including plushies, notebooks, voice activated toys and Pocket Neopets. The first set of the Neopets Trading Card Game also features many Kacheeks. For more Kacheek related products, please check our Online Catalogue.

Finding Out More

If you are interested in finding out more about anything in Neopia (including Kacheeks), the Neopedia is a good place to start. There is a link to the Neopedia from the front page of the site, or just type in the word/species you are looking for in the search box in the yellow bar.