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Corridor of Chance


1. What is the Hubrid Nox Corridor of Chance?

The Hubrid Nox Corridor of Chance is a new NC Mall Access area in the Deserted Fairground. To gain access to it, you must purchase Key Packs at the NC Mall. Each Key will grant one-time access to the room, along with use of the Transfabulator. You can access the room once per day/per Neopet.

2. What is the Transfabulator?

The Transfabulator is a machine that was found in Castle Nox. This machine (with the purchase of a Key from the NC Mall to gain access) will take an item of clothing that your Neopet is currently wearing and replace it with an all-new, exclusive NC wearable item. Your old item will be sent to your Closet, and your new item will be worn by your active Neopet. There is also a chance of receiving an Effect for your Neopet. The Effects are randomly awarded and will remain on your Neopet for 5 days. Effects are rare. Many will try for an Effect, few will receive one.

3. How do I enter the door?

To enter the Hubrid Nox Corridor of Chance, you will need to purchase Key Packs from the NC Mall. One Key will be needed each time you visit the room.

4. Where can I find Key Packs?

Key Packs can be found at the NC Mall. Keys are sold in packs of 1, 10, and 20.

5. I've activated my Key Packs. Now what?

Once you have purchased and activated your Key Packs, visit URL to enter the Hubrid Nox Corridor of Chance.

6. Can I visit Hubrid Nox’s Corridor of Chance on my side accounts?

Yes. Since this is an NC Mall-only area, you can visit on your side accounts. Remember, though, you are only allowed (up to) five accounts total.

7. How many times can I enter the Corridor of Chance per day?

You can gain access once per day (NST)/per Neopet, using one key per Neopet. So, like most dailies, you can visit once every 24 hours. However, you can take each of your (up to) four Neopets to the Corridor once daily. Each visit, for each Neopet will cost one Key to gain access.

8. I’ve gained access to the Transfabulator, but it’s telling me that I don’t have the correct customisation. What do I do?

In order for the Transfabulator to grant you an item, you must have the same type of item on that it will be giving out. Example: If the pool of items that the machine is giving out contains a hat and pants, your Neopet must be wearing one of those items upon entering. Play around with items in your customisation application and keep trying the Transfabulator. Once you’ve redeemed a Key at the door, you will have access to the Transfabulator until you press the lever and receive a new item. So, if you have to leave the page without using the machine, you can come back without having to redeem another Key.

9. Is there a specific paintbrush that my Neopet needs to be painted in order for me to pull the lever?

No, there isn't a specific paintbrush, there are just certain paintbrushes that won't work in The Transfabulator. The Transfabulator cannot be used with unconverted Neopets or the following painted Neopet body types: Maraquan, mutant, baby, invisible, and fruit and vegetable Chias.

10. I received an Effect. How do I take it off?

There is no way to remove an Effect. Effects will stay on your pet for five days and then vanish. While your Neopet has an Effect applied, you do not have a chance of receiving another. Once the Effect wears off, though, you will be eligible for a chance to receive an Effect again the next time you visit the Transfabulator.