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Games Master Challenge - Heroes Vs. Villains
Aristotle A. Avinroo has once again returned to settle an age-old battle between two of the greatest rulers in Qasalan history. While Jazan tries to rule his kingdom with a firm yet kind hand, Razul thinks evil is, at any-day, the one hand that rules all. Choose to be a Hero or a Villain and then prove your skills in this epic battle - of playing games. May the greater team emerge victorious!

Welcome to the 9th annual Games Master Challenge, where Neopia's greatest gamers prove their skills! You're currently logged out or have yet to create an account. That's no way to make a name for yourself as a Games Master! Sign up or log in now.
Oh no, it looks like the Games Master Challenge is over! It's a shame you weren't able to join a team this year. You can come back next year though for more games, challengers, and prizes! If you aren't sure how well you will do against the challengers, I suggest you might want to practice a bit by playing some of the games in the Gamesroom.

Ready For A Challenge?

You've already got your ticket, so now all that's left is to play! To receive your prize, simply send a score for both games on each day.

Challenge: Accepted!

Now that you've accepted my challenge, you just need to send a score for both games on each day.

Join Team Heroes

You're joining my team? Excellent! But remember, once a Hero, always a Hero. Are you sure you won't be changing your mind?

Join Team Villains

Haha! Joining my team, eh? Wise choice. A wise choice, indeed. But do remember that you cannot switch sides once you're in. Are you absolutely sure that you want to join my team?