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Games Room - Faerie's Folly

Faerie's Folly
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Casandia is a kindly if clumsy air faerie. While trying to transport a giant load of Petpets, she accidentally tips them over and drops all of them off the clouds of Faerieland. The PPL, hearing a distress call, sets up a floating raft beneath Faerieland in an attempt to catch all the Petpets. The rescued Petpets are then transferred to a park and put up for adoption, in the hopes that someone with some of Casandia's benevolence (but none of her dreadful absentmindedness and carelessness) will adopt them.

Petpets are falling from the sky! Help the PPL out and rescue them before they fall into the ocean. Move the life raft with the left and right arrows to catch the falling Petpets. Keep an eye out for aquatic Petpets, though; they like the water and will get upset if you catch them in the raft. Catching aquatic Petpets, having other Petpets swim off, or having any Petpets captured by enemies give you a strike. One strike will be removed at the end of each level you complete. The game ends if you get three strikes.

Press the left mouse button to charge up the water cannon. When you release the button, the cannon will fire a shot toward wherever your mouse is pointing. The shot will be bigger and faster the more you charge up the cannon. You can use these shots to stun enemies and grab floating powerups. However, many Petpets will fall faster when they get wet, so be careful.

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