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Mr. Insane's Plot Beard

Once upon a time, Mr. Insane was coding the puzzles for The Faeries' Ruin. Mr. Insane was concentrating so hard on this that he forgot to shave.

Mr. Insane's beard grew longer and longer. And Mr. Insane grew more and more insane trying to code the puzzles. 22.4% more insane, in fact! Wow! That's a lot of madness!

Ha ha ha! Ohhhh, Mr. Insane!

But finally, the puzzles were done, and it was time for Mr. Insane to shave his beard.

Wait, Mr. Insane! The plot's not done yet!

But not even snarkie could stop Mr. Insane in time.

Viola and snarkie tried their best to console poor Mr. Insane.

But alas, Mr. Insane would not be consoled.

Go, Mr. Insane! Go! Code that prize shop!

Soon, all the programming was done, and Mr. Insane was finally able to shave off his beard!

And the Neopets Team lived happily ever after!

Except for Dirigibles.