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Tomos, a member of the band of thieves known as the Desert Scarabs, longs for a life of luxury and wealth. You can now draw this bold yet kindhearted thief in just eight simple steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Dress Tomos in a ragged jacket, and sketch in some curved lines below his waist to indicate that he's wearing trousers. Remember that the sleeve on his left arm (your right) is tied up so that it reveals his Desert Scarabs tattoo.

Erase any extra lines you might have. Then, add some patched, fingerless gloves to Tomos' hands. You might want to also give him a gold coin to hold in his right hand. Finally, draw Tomos' Desert Scarabs tattoo on his left upper arm.

Colour your drawing using crayons, coloured pencils, markers, or even a computer program.

To really make your drawing of Tomos special, add some shading and highlights to it. You should now have a picture of the Desert Scarabs' most talented pickpocket!