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Legends of Altador

King Altador is back from his journey to unearth the whereabouts of the Darkest Faerie. But he has come back rattled. With her out in the loose, the King feels the time has come for all of us to tap into our inner goodness and focus on the heroes that we have within us all. What better way could there be to rouse that sentiment than to reacquaint ourselves with the Legends of Altador? These Altadorian heroes have helped good triumph over evil and we have much to learn and imbibe from them. Which is why, we have now four halls to recreate the homes of all the four heroes. Stroll over now to get a feel of the legends they have become and how!

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This area is not open yet. Please come back later with your pass when the doors have opened to attend this experience.

Are You Ready to Meet the Altadorian Legends?

Go around; get to know the Legends of Altador and what makes them who they are. With a room dedicated to each legend and a recreation of a special day in their lives, there is a lot to take in here. We hope you will enjoy the experience.

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Yes, yes we know you have places to go, history to see. And just as history repeats itself, we repeat, come back with a pass. We may still be around. No promises.

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Welcome to the world of the Altadorian Legends!