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Short Stories


Dear Mr. Snowager,

I am writing to you today to thank you...

by kadface

The Taming of Giant's Pit

I landed in the front yard of my owner's Neohome feeling kind of grumpy. I had spent the whole day hunting, as I often did, and found no prey whatsoever.

by blackghoulmon
Birthday Boy

"Are you sure you have to go?"

by melina322
Through Mechanical Eyes

"We need a Yooyu, and you are the perfect one to take the place! Please, you have to!"

by takatheeducatedkid
The Art Of Procrastination

"I-er-well- it's a surprise!" he blurted out, before beating a hasty retreat to the sanctuary of his room.

by swimmingstar01
The Bottled Faerie Escapes

The clear wall of her container was the only home Karissa had known for years now.

by ohheyreplay
Lost and Found

"Wait! Take your little sister!" she called back. Danny stopped in his tracks and looked back, seeing Eve tottering up behind him with a childish grin.

by greyshe_wolf
So I Heard You Like Faeries

"You mean, what sort of self-respecting Faerie would let a Neopet turn it? I suppose you have to keep the wheel pristine and unadulterated by grubby paws."

by kittycat9189
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"So I Heard You Like Faeries" by kittycat9189
To Xylona, Faerieland was privy to many wonderful things she had yet to fully experience, and she was determined to mark one landmark off her bucket list today. As Luthario had promised, the Red Xweetok found him at the Wheel of Excitement...

Other Stories


Neopoint Customisation for Peophins
Certain Neopet species are harder to customise than others, and beautiful though they are, Peophins do fall into this category.

by aleu1986


Summer Styles: Setting
Summer is the perfect time to forget about all your worries and relax.

Also by maddyyisback

by typlohisioh


Those Left Behind: Part Eight
"We're looking for someone, and I was hoping you could help us find him," he said amiably...

by frazeocity


Stachetastic: the Hair-Raising Origin - Part Two
Amaryllis the yellow Kadoatie was having the time of her life. She rolled around on the lush burgundy rug, gnawing and biting and kicking at a long tendril of pale blue fur.

by flufflepuff


Little Ghost
There is no war within these walls...

by noonsk


Completely Smart - Wings
Want to come to the marketplace with me?

by ms_meepit

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