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Continued Series

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Eleven

A gust of wind pushed up on his wings, sudden and fierce. It kept him from crashing into the gardens below, but just barely.

by parody_ham
Those Left Behind: Part Eight

"We're looking for someone, and I was hoping you could help us find him," he said amiably...

by frazeocity
Where the Wind Blows Wild: Part Seven

And as everything had managed to go spectacularly wrong thus far, he had absolutely no confidence that this wouldn't come to a fight. Not when their plan was a trap with themselves sitting prettily inside it.

by saphira_27
Faerie Wings II: Rosia's Revenge - Part Nine

Rosia banged her fist on top of a nearby wooden table. "I want that amulet!" she exclaimed. "And I won't stop until I get it!"

by downrightdude
Saving the National Neopian Bank: Part Six

Ylana tapped her foot impatiently. Waiting was never something that she was good at...

by rider_galbatorix
The Persecution: Part Seven

"See that, Cloud? Everything has been moving so much faster since Malice got his tail kicked off the council. I told you it would."

by racerfishy
Treasure Hunters: Part Six

"No, no. Digging won't be necessary. The hieroglyphs hint that there is a door of some sort, leading underground. The problem will be finding it, as it will have been left untouched for centuries..."

by meganhilty
Stargazer: Part Five

"Where are we?" Azurabel puffed the words out over the hammering of her heartbeat. She couldn't decide if she was more relieved or annoyed to see the faerie.

by fairyxhearts
One Route to Altador: Part Five

"Wake up, you sleepy rabbit!" she shouted happily. "We are going to see the land of Altador today!"

by _torchic__
Professor Clodbottle's Assistant: Part Two

"My fellow petpetpetiologists, it is with great pleasure that I present to you my latest discovery, made with the help of my assistant, of course."

by goodsigns
The Flight of Faerieland: Part Two

"I have never seen you like this after a meeting. What all happened?" inquired Celandra.

by black_skull725
Hannah, Brynn, and Nabile and We Hate Hanso Club 2: Part Three

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's make those immature brats pay for swiping my necklace!" Hannah cried, putting up her fists.

by kristykimmy
Stachetastic: the Hair-Raising Origin - Part Two

Amaryllis the yellow Kadoatie was having the time of her life. She rolled around on the lush burgundy rug, gnawing and biting and kicking at a long tendril of pale blue fur.

by flufflepuff
Moltara's Winter: Part Three

"Don't worry, buddy." Paul sat down next to Jon on a beanbag. "We're going to bring them back."

Also by saltsman

by saudadesdagripe

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"Letters" by kadface
Dear Mr. Snowager, I am writing to you today to thank you for the kindness you showed me when you visited the café last Monday. It was certainly a pleasure to meet you and I hope you will come see us again soon. I hope you are well, and you found your treasure trove intact...

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