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Hey, TNT! *hugs* For the Random Contest (which I love lurking every week -- people are so creative!), I was wondering: would you ever consider a Random Contest where we would show off our Neopets-themed tattoos? I have a particularly adorable Pinchit tattoo that I'd love to be able to show off to people who actually get what this colourful lobster on my foot is. :) Thanks, TNT. Lots of love! ~jules_tucker27
We have considered a temporary tattoo Random Contest, though a few issues spring up since an RC needs to be your own work, but it's rather hard to draw something on yourself. Also, any tattoo would need to be your own design, so we'd have to consider all that before deciding to make it an RC. Your tattoo sounds awesome, however, and we'd love to see a picture of it!

Hi, TNT. I have a special question for you. Can we write stories about blind / deaf 'pets? It would never be as a way to make fun of the condition, only as a feature. I want to write a story and one of the characters would be a blind Neopet, and I need to know if this is allowed before I start writing. Thank you in advance! ~rampantbunyip
Absolutely! Disabilities are a part of life and we see no reason to pretend they don't exist, as long as they are written about respectfully.

Hi, TNT! I just noticed that a single drawing was accepted for the Art Gallery two different times (on pages 2,119 and 2,123). I was wondering if it's okay to compete using the same art multiple times, then, like in the Beauty Contest. (Please leave out my username.) ~username removed
Ahh, whoops... that was an error on our part. We've removed the extra trophy from the player and selected a different entry. It's fine to submit art multiple times, but once it has won it should not be submitted again to any creative competition.

Hi, TNT! I just created Zoeih, my skunk Wocky, in remembrance of my cat who passed away. I am customizing her to look like my cat as much as possible. I was trying to find white gloves / boots to resemble the white markings on her legs / paws, but there were limited options and nothing looked right. So, I was just wondering: would it be possible to have different fur markings released for customization? You know, like different coloured spots or stripes for different parts of the Neopet (legs, snout, tail, back, tummy, etc.). I'm sure I'm not the only user who wants this, and it would add a lot more uniqueness to 'pets! ~cherryx2boomx3
It should be possible using the markings layer. We don't want to diminish paint brush colours, but we're also willing to experiment and see what works. We'll certainly pass the idea on.

Okay, so now that you mentioned it in the previous Editorial, I really want to know: how exactly did El Picklesaur succeed in hurting himself with a bag of chips? ~klgg2005
In his own words:
"I was eating a bag of salsa verde chips the other day. When I got down to the bottom of the bag, I held it upside down, pouring the last few chips into my mouth. However, this also sent the spicy powder in the bag into my right eye, which hurt like crazy. I went to the bathroom to flush my eye out with water and wash my hands to remove the chip powder that was caked on my fingertips. Thinking that my hands were now spice-free, I rubbed my eye with my right index finger, which apparently was still covered with tiny, invisible spicy chip powder particles, which made my eye, like, three times worse than before. After flushing my eye out a second time, I then walked around the office for who knows how long looking like I had pink eye in one eye."

Perhaps we just discovered the
secret past of Bug Eye McGee?

Hi, TNT! *gives cookies* So, I've been on a long hiatus until this past month. I just got a warning -- it was fair, that's my apologies. I wasn't really thinking. ANYWAY, do they, like, add up over a certain time (like a month), or your WHOLE Neopets time? I think I got another warning, uhm, four years ago now, probably? :o I didn't know if it added up / "erased" some / etc. I don't want to lose my account, and now I'll be on my best behavior! :) I read some things before I came to ask, but still wasn't sure! Thanks for the help! ~kaivve
Thanks for understanding why we warned you. :) It's appreciated! Warnings are eventually "erased" from your record, but it does take quite a long time. We can't offer specifics, unfortunately. However, rest assured that a warning from that many years ago did not compound with your recent one.

Hi, TNT. If one is planning to submit a short story or article, do they need to add the pictures or do you add them yourselves? Please remove my username. ~username removed
If you have pictures in mind, then please include their URLs where you want them in the article or story. You don't need to include any HTML. For the main picture, you can always request a specific one and we'll do our best.

TNT, I am disappoint. It is currently 12:40 pm NST on Monday the 21st of July, and the important information clearly states I have exactly until 2:00 pm on Monday the 21st of July to enter for my dream Neopet. ALAS, it is not so. Instead, the message at the bottom reads: "Applications are now closed. Please check New Features on announcement day to see the winners!" I feel that you should transform all of my 'pets into unconverted grey Krawks as compensation for this devastating oversight... not really, that would be terrible! Please leave out my username. :) ~username removed
We'd like to apologise for that! It seems some coding went rogue and decided to end it early, despite our instructions. :(

Hi! So, what is the avatar that dr_sloth has called, and how do you get it? Please replace my username with SlothMinion or something along those lines. Thanks! ~SlothMinion#1983234ui34b²
The green "Grundo" avatar? That's a standard avatar. You don't need to do anything to get it. It should already be in your dropdown with the rest of the species avatars. :)

Hey, TNT! Do you guys know why Donny in the Toy Repair Shop is so grumpy all the time? I feel like bringing life back to old toys would be a rewarding career. ~neelymadisonrose
It just really irks him that Neopians are so careless with their toys.

Hey, TNT. You've mentioned in the past that we can send you feedback and input via the ticket system, and that your ticket handlers will compile it all in a report that is delivered to you. However, when exactly is that report delivered? Is it delivered weekly? Monthly? Daily? On what day? ~superkouza
Weekly, every Friday. There are also compiled bug reports delivered daily.

Hello, TNT. I have a knack for building things out of clay. I've really gotten the hang of making Neopets and Neopets-themed characters. I was wondering if there was anything in the rules against my selling these clay models on Amazon, Ebay, or my own Neopets-themed site? I would give credit to Neopets for the concept of the model. ~username removed
While we'd seriously love to see your sculptures (please send them to the Art Gallery if you haven't already!), Lawyerbot 2.0 nearly ran us over in her haste to inform us that art containing Neopets intellectual property may not be sold.

So, at meteor crash site 725-XZ, many Neopians come to poke said meteor with a stick, but the site is on Kreludor. Kreludor has no trees. So, where DOES that stick come from? ~melanistic_leopard
By Fyora. Where does it come from?!? *hits panic button*



Hello, TNT. As my account's 10th anniversary recently passed, I felt that it was time to write and thank you for making this site the amazing place it is today! I'm always discovering new things on the site -- from finally discovering how "Food Club" works to trying out "NeoQuest" and actually getting past the first town! I've learned so many things and had so many fun experiences on this site, so I just wanted to tell you all thank you! P.S.: I look forward to another 10+ years here! ~amymunro13

I want to thank you for having this wonderful site. I started playing when I was in middle school, left a while when I was in college, and now I'm back. Especially after a rough day, logging in and finding a reference to Doctor Who on the news page is enough to make me smile. ~sweet_pie_1590


Why did you have to make the mutants so ugly? ~username removed

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