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New Series

Ballad of the Faerie's Champion: Lessons - Part One

"Unlike you, I see if the prey-creatures have anything interesting to say before I attack," she snarled. "And they talk much of a Bori brat that was transformed by Illusen's magic..."

by shinkoryu14
Agent of the Sway: Resistance - Part One

The heat of the Tyrannian sun burned down on the back of the Ruki as he scrambled across the camp.

"Miss Fairweather!" he called. "Miss Fairweather! Lilian!"

by herdygerdy

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Peophin Customisation

Thank Fyora for species specific clothing! These wearables are all tailor made to fit one certain Neopets body type, which not only means you can make your Peophin look dashing, you'll also get a more unique look than when you have to rely on the clothes found at Unis Clothing Shop or the NC Mall...

Other Stories


So I Heard You Like Faeries
"You mean, what sort of self-respecting Faerie would let a Neopet turn it? I suppose you have to keep the wheel pristine and unadulterated by grubby paws."

by kittycat9189


Birthday Boy
"Are you sure you have to go?"

by melina322


Top Ten Wearables for Babies - Part Three
With so many wearables being released, both NP and NC, there's so many more options to dress up these little cuties!

by auraichadora


Summer Styles: Setting
Summer is the perfect time to forget about all your worries and relax.

Also by maddyyisback

by typlohisioh


Shade's Realm: Newcomer
Who are you?

by mucka33


Life with Lereik: Anthropomorphism
Not all pets look good that way.

by teh_hivedweller

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