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New Series

Ballad of the Faerie's Champion: Lessons - Part One

"Unlike you, I see if the prey-creatures have anything interesting to say before I attack," she snarled. "And they talk much of a Bori brat that was transformed by Illusen's magic..."

by shinkoryu14
Agent of the Sway: Resistance - Part One

The heat of the Tyrannian sun burned down on the back of the Ruki as he scrambled across the camp.

"Miss Fairweather!" he called. "Miss Fairweather! Lilian!"

by herdygerdy

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"The Art Of Procrastination" by swimmingstar01
"Don't be mean, Lorelai," Kai chided her eldest pet, as Eudony looked smugly on from the safety of their owners arms. "Yeah, Lore, don't be mean," he mouthed at his big sister. She growled, and swished her tail as she stomped out of the kitchen...

Other Stories


Through Mechanical Eyes
"We need a Yooyu, and you are the perfect one to take the place! Please, you have to!"

by takatheeducatedkid


The Taming of Giant's Pit
I landed in the front yard of my owner's Neohome feeling kind of grumpy. I had spent the whole day hunting, as I often did, and found no prey whatsoever.

by blackghoulmon


3 Part Guide to Faerie Bubbles
I believe it's time to write something to honour this game and so I present my three part guide to Faerie Bubbles

by kissy_08


Medieval Celebration of Meridell
With the anniversary of the Discovery of Meridell upon us, what better way to celebrate than to have a look at that great medieval land?

by oobajooba


Greener on the Other Side - Nightlight
Goodbye darkness, my old friend.

by turquoisebird47


Avatar Problems: Typing Terror
You will never...

by khakio_21

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