Reporting live from Neopia Circulation: 186,904,183 Issue: 332 | 29th day of Awakening, Y10
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Short Stories

The Wonders Books Bring

"Who knows? Maybe today will be our lucky day..." whispered Amy into the wind...

by rat_terrier_lover_12
Never to Be

Unknown Entity, or Entity as her neighboring friends called her, loved her life. She loved having food available the minute she was hungry...

by akari24
Baby Adventures - Not for the Adult at Heart

When Tenderhorn wanders off, he finds himself not only lost but in the dangerous terrain of the Haunted Woods...

by brokensilent

I have been exposed to a large quantity of dangerous toxins which, I am told, will fuddle my mind. I have not yet felt any effects...

by adoqhina
The Deep Silence

Aekin hadn't made it to her other three surfing runs that morning, but she was sure he would be waiting at the finish line this time...

by tashni
Healing Scars

Mirian had noted that he had not spoken, laughed, or even smiled the entire time...

by jael_catherine
Plum's Present

'It's a Baby Paint Brush!' yelled Plum, full of excitement. But Stephie didn't seem to care...

by shoyru_lova1234
The Maraquan Curse

It seemed an impossible dream, but nevertheless, a dream, a fantasy. And don't dreams always come true in the end?

by tanikagillam
How the TDMBGPOP Got Its Name!

As he got even closer, he realized it wasn't a real Grundo, but a cute plushie Grundo someone must have dropped...

by firebomb105
A Neopian Fairy Tale

It was just another day for the Grand Duchess Oktyabrina. The royal Kyrii sat in front of her grand vanity in her wing of the regal castle...

by twocents
Healing the Healer

She looked upon her healing waters and sighed, wishing that she could spend the day just soaking in their soothing properties, letting her own magical powers wash over her like a soothing flood and wash away this sense of... restlessness...

by niddyz
"Do you like bubbles?"

It wasn't that she was angry at her brother; she was just irritated that her parents had gone to Neopia Central...

by 3little_blue_panda3
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Fabulous Neogardens

Do you get frustrated trying to create the perfect neogarden? Everyone has their own personal tastes, of course -- what plants and items you like, how you want to combine colors -- but it can be hard to create just the right gardens for you and your pets. If you're happy with your gardens, that's great; keep doing what you're doing! But if you're disgruntled with neogardening, here are some tips that might help you find your stride and create gardens you love...

Other Stories


For the Love of Sloth Loyalty Quiz
It is time to determine your loyalty! Take this quiz and the master will be pleased.

by faithstarlite


Find Your Perfect Trinket!
I'm back and ready to help you find your perfect wearable trinket! All you have to do is take this easy personality quiz.

by confiserie


Three Wishes: Part Ten
He paused, breathing deeply to calm himself. "I'm going to make a wish that all my wishes were reversed." He didn't add that he...

by rachelindea


Lucky Me: Part Nine
Aura was absolutely stunned to the bone when she saw Anthony standing there...

by soccer266redy


Cleaning Up
...Just something I came up with while playing "Attack of the Slorgs"....

by chaiolatte


Light House Life
What are you birds doing here?

by louishooper

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