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Continued Series

Lucky Me: Part Nine

Aura was absolutely stunned to the bone when she saw Anthony standing there...

by soccer266redy
Three Wishes: Part Ten

He paused, breathing deeply to calm himself. "I'm going to make a wish that all my wishes were reversed." He didn't add that he...

by rachelindea
Tales of Cadmium, Athena, and Saffron: The Fight - Part Eight

On Wednesday, Cadmium had Elyse announce that Athena did illegal scientific experiments on Meepits...

by rainpaint
Shay Peters and the Frivolous Fashionista: Part Four

Julia laughed, and I was growing more scared by the minute. The light faerie was really freaking me out...

Also by chocolateisamust

by sirussblack

Karina, the Math Wiz: Part Six

After dinner, Karina sat at the table for a few moments, just thinking about everything. The Math-tath-alon. The redo...

by sweetie_me274
Ghostfighters: Part Five

As if on cue, the tent's door covering flapped to the side suddenly, and Tyra stormed out with a dangerous flicker in her eye, muttering angrily under her breath...

by tamia_silverwing
Strange Cases: Behemoth - Part Three

"Okay," Junior Agent Tanner said finally, arms crossed, "when do I start?"

by tambourine_chimp
How do you solve a problem like Neovia?: Part Three

There was only one figure on the street below, Bruno. He had been tasked the job of getting rid of the zombies, and was currently sweeping a bunch down the street with a large brush...

by herdygerdy
Masquerades: Part Seven

"I feel privileged," James called up to the Nimmo, grinning. "It's not every day that I get used as a makeshift ladder..."

by punctuation_ninja
We Are Meepit: Part Two

I rushed at a Neopian and knocked the wind out of her. The pink Kougra retaliated with a fire muffin. I nimbly dodged it, flipping in the air, and withdrew my Sword of Skardsen...

by champ100543
Brain of Neopia: Part Two

The first round starts tomorrow, he thought. And I don't know anything. But I can't afford to lose. I'll be a laughing stock. Well, even more of a laughing stock...

by spoonguardonline
The Petpet Detectives: Case of the Missing Miamouse - Part Two

The four of us took off almost immediately for Faerieland, where the constant ascent was intense. "Never again, Marlo," said Luna, stretching her back on a pink cloud once we landed safely. "Next time, we take an Eyrie cab..."

by playmobil_is_my_life
The Return of Dr. Sloth: Behind the Scenes - Part Three

"Yeah, it'll be fine," Jix said, polishing her claws. "Anyway, a friend told me that something interesting is going on at the Station today. I want to see it..."

by silent_snow
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"Do you like bubbles?" by 3little_blue_panda3
Her parents never paid her any neopoints for babysitting him. She didn't think much of it until a classmate at the Neopian School said that they got 25 neopoints for babysitting their cousin. Of course, Clara asked her mother if she could get paid the next time she babysat Todd, but she didn't exactly get the response she wanted. Her mother told her, "Babysitting isn't a job, Clara. It's a way to..."

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"Do you like bubbles?"
It wasn't that she was angry at her brother; she was just irritated that her parents had gone to Neopia Central...

by 3little_blue_panda3


Healing Scars
Mirian had noted that he had not spoken, laughed, or even smiled the entire time...

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Creating Fabulous Neogardens
If you're disgruntled with neogardening, here are some tips that might help you find your stride and create gardens you love.

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'It's a dirty job-- but I'm the only one, I mean only WE, are good enough to do it!'

by nodesofranvier


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This time... with Extreme Herder!

by happyhaz


Just Filler
Mmm... delicious soup...

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