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I've never had occasion to try, but I was curious: Is it possible to win Better Than You! on accident by playing that week's game and sending the score just after the competition goes live? Or must one "opt in" at the BTY! page to compete? It seems like on the rare day I've been online early enough, the first ten slots have been won within minutes, and I can't think of how else some of those scores could have been earned so fast??? ~ lil_jen_aside
It is indeed possible to "accidentally" win. As you don't have to opt in in any way, as long as you send your score after the new contest begins, you could win without even knowing you were competing! Wouldn't that be lucky…

My Royalgirl Elephante has a problem with crazy eyes, especially in the Battledome. Sometimes they are Royal green eyes and sometimes everyday brown eyes. She says it makes her feel weird. Please help, a Royal with crazy eyes can be difficult to deal with. ~ mooms
Say goodbye to crazy eyes, she will now have her intended Royal green eyes all the time. Good luck knowing when she's feeling difficult now, or why. *sigh* I can't fix everything for you!

So I heard recently that the color-changing random events (such as Boochi) aren't happening. Is this temporary, or is it going to stay this way? I want to know if I'm safe to have my Faerie Cybunny as my active pet, or if I should keep my 'Boochi-shield' foster pet as my active, in case the events return without warning. Thanks! ~ dreamer_lily
Rest easy, your faerie Cybunny is perfectly safe! Color-changing random events are officially retired, and they will not be coming back without warning (they probably won't be coming back ever, but if they ever did, you'd definitely be warned!). You are now free to show off your favourite pet colour with pride!

Hi CQ -hands a plate of cookies-. Do Poetry Contest entries still carry over if they are accepted or are they now being only accepted issue by issue? ~ waning
Hi! For most, if not all, contests around the site, you will hear a response back (I promise! Sometimes it just takes a while to get through them all… I'm looking at you Gallery Spotlight). So, if you submit a poem that doesn't make it into the next contest, unless you receive a rejection Neomail, it's still possibly being considered for future editions!

I've noticed over time that several wigs don't seem to fit Unis properly; instead of eliminating the Uni's natural mane in favor of the wig, some wigs just layer on top, leaving awkward tufts of the natural mane still visible. Moltaran Carmariller Wig was what I noticed most recently, but I know there are more. Any chance these could be fixed? Thanks! ~ katiecoo802
Your wish is our command, my friend! The Moltaran Carmariller Wig is now fixed and if you think of any more that need to be worked on, send 'em my way!

So, can two or more of us look forward to collaborating on finding "keys" and trying to beat each other in "minigames" sometime before Neopian Times Issue 800? Just asking after noticing that many collaboration questions make it in. I'll gladly share the credit for writing this question with anyone who won't skip turns to avoid powerups. Also, his or her computer can't be much faster than mine. TchuB! ~ tupey
Bonus points for question creativity, but, unfortunately, I have no new updates from previous editorial answers. I promise, the SECOND I do, y'all will know.

Hi TNT! :) Would you please make Usukicon Y17 Diary readable? Currently it cannot be read.. :( ~ lohaiyun
It can't?! How else are you supposed to read about a pets innermost thoughts and feelings? THIS WILL NOT STAND. Let me just g- Oh, you can read it now. We hope it makes for a good read.

Hey, CQ! This is just a friendly reminder that there are possibly people (like me) who went out and bought a Biscuit Paint Brush (like me) are planning on purchasing a potion and morphing a dear pet into a draik (like me) and have decided the cookie leezards, Biscuit Draik and Birthday Ukali for those who don't know (or is the Ukali Cake? Oh well), must be all matchy-matchy (like me) or will continue sitting there refreshing the draik page in the rainbow pool (like me) until insanity begins to set in and we have the insatiable desire to sit there and refresh the rainbow pool for hours on end (like me). Even if this doesn't get in, make all my cookie dragon wishes come true! (BTW, BIG THANK YOU for the Biscuit draik! Chocolate is okay but I've waited for my Cookie Leezard since around the time the Draik Eggs began being released at the forgotten shore and who knows how CRAZY long that's been!) ~ fire_earth_aqua__77
Well if somebody (like you) has been sitting around the rainbow pool constantly refreshing, that person (like you) would see that it is active and ready to be painted because someone (like me) loves to tell people their cookie dragon wishes have come true. Enjoy!

Did you answer that one question with a reference to the song "Ice, Ice, Baby"?! +10 cool points, CQ! ~ darkwolfqueen1994

I remember hearing that there was once an editorial that stated that it's better if owners (humans) don't appear in stories submitted in the Neopian Times, but this rule doesn't appear on your guidelines or Handy Tips, and in the past I've seen tons of stories in which they've appeared. Is it actually in effect? I really hope not. Stories involving "real" neopets with owners and stuff as opposed to plotline-style neopets are always my favorites. I understand that humans aren't native to Neopia, but as long as you don't go into specifics about how they "got" there that might be somewhat fourth-wall breaking, it shouldn't be an issue, right? After all, they're clearly a part of Neopets' lives. ~ storymakerechidna
Humans are allowed in stories as an owner, but the emphasis and focus of the story should still be on the pets! How owners got there or other humans should be avoided, but of course owners are a big part of the Neopets lives, so they're allowed in that role!

*Happy Thoughts*

That ancient map of Faerieland you put at the end of the editorial last week was amazing! It brought back so many memories of my early days on Neopets, and I actually teared up a bit. Thank you so much for that! :) ~ luna_aroura123

Dear TNT, I will soon be 70 years old with 9 years on Neopets. I just want to thank you for the years I have enjoyed being part of such a wonderful extended family. Recently we introduced my three year old Great grand-daughter to Neopets. She loves visiting her little Pet on her very own account. You offer children a very important learning experience. May you have many more years here. ~ bobbye111

Hello! Could you please end this weeks editorial with everyone's favourite item, a mango? ~ not_totals

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