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Blossoms~ Retry Part 9

"Water" is entirely arbitrary; no one knows his actual last name.

by twillieblossom
Trouble in Paradise: The Fourth Wall

They're becoming aware.

by chasing_stars44
Empty Bellies, Empty Pockets: Part 4

Is paper edible?

Also by bha288.

by mandypandy667

Welcome to the Family?: Part 2

Silly Uni, you don't get to choose family members.

by amarettoball
This Wasn't In The Job Description

Just edit a few articles they said, it won't take up much of your time.

by equinewhispers
The Rickety Ship: Q2

Have some zapzaggle.

by dimartedi
Who You Gonna Call?

Stop that mallow!

Also by 69uglygreenwhale

by sarah2396

Stay Strong with Team Brawn: Glasses Are Great

Lookin' good.

Also by tex707

by alexise1998

At the Battledome: vs Space Faerie - Part 2

Rinse and repeat.

by winner19955
Dubloon Training

Let's hope Cap'n Threelegs isn't on a diet...

by _clement_
Tooth Faerie Surprise Visit

Maybe she's psychic...

by roxanna203
PU! (Phew, That's a Relief)

That was a close one.

by turtling
Let There Be Shenanigans

Weakness is all in the mind.

by delugent_tears
Vegeterrible - Part 1

Everyday struggles of being a fruit/veggie chia

by pirate_11
The Baker

Baking is a lot like friendship...

by cherokee165
Crazopia Central: Dampened Mood

Because Reed has been there, too.

by lasaramar
At the End of the Day

Narineth finds a kindred spirit in the equally muscular Uchiha.

by ezel68
NeoPaper: Attack of the Socks

Battledome powers gone wrong.

by mbredboy31
Everytime Again

Oh Those Kacheeks

by mustikeuh121
Splat-A-Sloth Insanity

I'm going to play barf boat now...

by pie_man_aa
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"The Free" by cherishtwilight
Good Doctor, I recognize your name in the more sinister spaces of Neovia. It seems I’m unable to turn my troubles to any of my companions without having your notoriety run through the atmosphere. Thus, though as a proper Neovian I should be avoiding this entirely, I have decided to conspire with the forbidden. I am not a bad man, Dr. Xadum. I realize you aren’t, either, but we both tread different paths, different lines—you have decided to fight nature in all its glory, and I have decided to succumb to it. I have become the faerie Acara I was made to be. Despite everything, I’d like to think that I have been good. I’d like to think that I’ve studied, the way the scholars have taught me to, and that I have made a life for myself. I have dedicated myself to medicine, as you have, and only occasionally treated myself as the lesser creature I am.

Other Stories


An Angel and A Devil
Faerieland was at its absolute best. In the month of Gathering, leaves were beginning to turn their autumn colors and a brisk wind blew. Evening had fallen and while the festival had officially ended, some were still enjoying themselves.

by 77thbigby


I cannot remember. My memory is shattered. Shards of scenes flit through my thoughts, never enough to form a full image. There is nothing here. I briefly wonder how I am breathing before pushing the thought aside. Better to worry about what to do.

by katie_kitkabug


Sutek's Tomb: A Trophy Guide
This advanced Sutek’s Tomb guide aims to give you tips on how to improve your current high score, and ideally to get a score in trophy range!

by lennekegirl123


Why Pet Collectors are Wonderful
Lots of Neopians collect something or other. Usually it’s something like an enormous number of codestones to train their pet, or perhaps 1,000,000 of their personal favourite item, or even items with a certain theme to put in their gallery. However, not all collectors hoard items – some of them collect pets! This article is dedicated to Neopia’s pet collectors and all the quirks which make them brilliant.

by katzam


The Gallant Return of Kathryn and Tobin: Part Four
We were ready to set out early the next morning, looking forward to giving the glass bottom boat tours a try... well, all of us but Tobin. He complained about how boring it was going to be all throughout breakfast. “Who wants to look at underwater architecture anyway? It's the exact same thing as looking at houses on dry land!”

by fields_of_gold


Turning Pages: Part One
The figure, cloaked in a fine black suit, wriggled his nose slightly while pushing the golden-rimmed monocle higher against his brow. Red ribbon lined the brim of his top hat and a cane rest snugly against his short, stubby, pink paws.

Also by parody_ham

by warriorsrock965

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