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New Series

The Sisterhood of Terra and Phee: Part One

My name is Phee, and I'm a Faerie Peophin. My birth name is Phoebe, technically. Or at least, that's what my sister tells me. I don't remember what I was named, because I barely remember our owner -- our mom.

by lizzy_beth_750551
Turning Pages: Part One

The figure, cloaked in a fine black suit, wriggled his nose slightly while pushing the golden-rimmed monocle higher against his brow. Red ribbon lined the brim of his top hat and a cane rest snugly against his short, stubby, pink paws.

Also by parody_ham

by warriorsrock965

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Altador Cup Players’ Favorite Gormball Player

The Altador Cup has become a Neopian-wide phenomenon, a Yooyuball championship which every world participates in. However the Altador Cup wasn’t the first championship that featured a ball sport as the main focus. Before Yooyuball and the Altador Cup there was Gormball and The Annual Gormball Championships! Though a Virtupets Space Station sport, many Altador Cup players would say that one of their inspirations was Gormball; even the famous Disco Ixi Altador Cup Commentator, Tobias Sigmir, originally wanted to be a Gormball Commentator. Some Altador Cup players are such big fans that many try to attend The Annual Gormball Championships every year. Every Altador Cup player has their own favorite Gormball player, and some were kind enough to give me a minute of their time to tell me who it was! So Yooyuball and Gormball fans alike, let me present to you Altador Cup players’ favorite Gormball players.

Other Stories


An Angel and A Devil
Faerieland was at its absolute best. In the month of Gathering, leaves were beginning to turn their autumn colors and a brisk wind blew. Evening had fallen and while the festival had officially ended, some were still enjoying themselves.

by 77thbigby


The Free
Good Doctor,

I recognize your name in the more sinister spaces of Neovia. It seems I’m unable to turn my troubles to any of my companions without having your notoriety run through the atmosphere. Thus, though as a proper Neovian I should be avoiding this entirely, I have decided to conspire with the forbidden.

by cherishtwilight


Neopia's Secret Villains: Part One
Neopia is filled with hundreds of characters. These characters range from brave heroes to dastardly villains, and everything in between. There’s one problem though – not all villains are recognised as the true villains that they are.

by asparagation


How to be a Better Skeith, for Skeiths
Every Skeith is born with an inner feeling of Skeith-yness, and you have to let it glow and hope other Neopets like you for it. My Skeith, Filthy, and I have compiled a list of nine ways that you can really channel your inner disgustingness whilst softening the Skeith image

by codswobble


Trouble in Paradise: The Fourth Wall
They're becoming aware.

by chasing_stars44


The Rickety Ship: Q2
Have some zapzaggle.

by dimartedi

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