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Everytime Again

by mustikeuh121

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The first breath was the hardest. They call the last breath ‘the death rattle’, but the first after dying is more than that, worse than that. The shock of it is only half the trouble. It’s like a small fire, or some sort of explosion, igniting in your chest. I saw a ghostkerbomb go off once, with a piercing white fire. It felt the way that bomb had looked.

by placebo_533


Let There Be Shenanigans
Weakness is all in the mind.

by delugent_tears


Tooth Faerie Surprise Visit
Maybe she's psychic...

by roxanna203


Why Pet Collectors are Wonderful
Lots of Neopians collect something or other. Usually it’s something like an enormous number of codestones to train their pet, or perhaps 1,000,000 of their personal favourite item, or even items with a certain theme to put in their gallery. However, not all collectors hoard items – some of them collect pets! This article is dedicated to Neopia’s pet collectors and all the quirks which make them brilliant.

by katzam

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